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News Icon 12/12/2018

15 Plant-Based Holiday Sweets

With endless holiday parties upon us, you need to be prepared to whip up a tasty treat at any moment! And why not make it plant-based this year? Check out these delicious, holiday desserts that are sure to jingle all the bells.

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News Icon 11/28/2018

How to be a Plant-Based Food Sleuth

How do you track down plant-based food at the store? Check out these tips to become the savviest shopper around!

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News Icon 11/5/2018

Tomorrow’s the big day!

Tomorrow is Election Day, and after months of hard work from dedicated animal advocates and volunteers—and after a sustained opposition effort from the factory farming industry—it’s finally time to vote #YesOn12 in California!

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News Icon 10/26/2018

9 Plant-Based Recipes Perfect for Fall

Looking for some creative new meals to match your fall decor? Here's our pick of plant-based recipes that just about scream fall—boo!

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News Icon 9/26/2018

The Hidden Victims of Hurricane Florence

Flooding killed 3.4 million chickens and 5,500 pigs confined on factory farms, with more than 100 manure lagoons at risk of overflowing. But this isn't the first time this has happened.

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News Icon 9/13/2018

10 Ways to Plant-ify Your Morning Joe

Who says the PSL has to be the official drink of the season? Not us! You were daring enough to eat plants for a change, so be bold and expand your coffee horizons this fall! Check out our 10 tips to keep your coffee plant-friendly...

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News Icon 9/5/2018

10 Plant-Based, Back-to-School Snacks

It’s back-to-school season! Whether you're packing treats for your kids' lunchboxes or heading off to college, this time of year can come with a side of stress. Here's some plant-based snacks to stay fueled up!

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News Icon 8/27/2018

Dozens Protest McDonald's in Times Square

Two weeks ago, we joined more than 80 activists in standing shoulder-to-shoulder outside McDonald’s in Times Square protesting the fast-food giant’s continued resistance to do better for chickens.

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News Icon 8/22/2018

Happy World Plant Milk Day!

We’re celebrating World Plant Milk Day by sharing our list of 6 Plant-Based Milks to help you kick dairy to the curb.

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News Icon 8/15/2018

10 plant-based Instagrammers to follow now

Food bloggers create everything from the perfectly casual to the colorfully decadent, providing perfect inspiration for those looking to #EatPlantsForAChange. Here’s a list of ten plant-based Instagrammers that you NEED to follow this summer.

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