Buying meat

Ribeye steaks at a butcher shop

The food you choose has a direct effect on how farm animals live

Buy higher welfare certified or pasture raised

If you eat meat, the simplest thing you can do to help is to buy meat that is labeled with one of the following certifications:  Certified Humane, Global Animal Partnership (GAP) 5-Step standards or Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) standards. If you are looking for the system with the highest welfare potential, you should buy pasture raised or grassfed. While it is more expensive, animals raised in this system will have access to the outdoors.

Cheap meat usually comes at a price – one paid by the farm animals, your health and the environment.

Remember the meat in meals when you eat out. Don’t be afraid to ask staff in restaurants and sandwich bars whether meat is pasture raised and where it has come from.

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