Ending factory farming. Ending animal cruelty.
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Compassion in World Farming is on a mission to end factory farming and transform our food system to support animals, the earth, and people. We are a team of strategic bridge builders working to reverse the interconnected and devastating consequences of factory farming, harnessing our technical expertise and the power of partnership to bring together an inclusive coalition of advocates, consumers, farmers, companies, and institutions.

From corporate boardrooms to the halls of government, we work tirelessly on the ground to establish an innovative and resilient food system that is compassionate, fair, and regenerative for our planet and all its inhabitants. And we can’t do it alone!

Student projects

Compassion in World Farming offers project opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to engage with nonprofit and business leaders in order to advance animal welfare and sustainability in food systems. 

Are you curious to learn more about the landscape of cage-free eggs in the United States? Do you want to help companies advance their commitments towards broiler chicken welfare? Are you interested in conducting research on sustainability and regenerative agriculture? Do you have an idea that could rethink our food?

Reach out to our food business team today to begin scoping a project with us. These can be short-term projects (less formal than a standard internship), or a larger research project that could support a capstone project or thesis. Specific project work, timelines, and deliverables will vary, and we will accept requests on a rolling basis to support students who care about transforming our food system.

Interested in pursuing a student project with CIWF? Submit a proposal or questions in an email to info@ciwf.com.

Student internships

Student interns will work directly with our team to develop and maintain positive relationships with business leaders, strengthen reporting, and brainstorm innovative ideas for positive change in our food system. Compassion in World Farming serves a unique role in the movement, as we work directly with global companies on developing animal welfare commitments, all while leading change with scientific research, accountability, and compassionate support.

Internships typically range from 10-20 hours a week, depending on the project and workload. Pay is competitive and comparable to other animal organization internships and will be commensurate with a student’s experience and skills.

Work with the best

Compassion in World Farming has a 100% approval rating from previous interns.

Hear from a former intern: “It’s been fascinating to learn about the unique role Compassion plays in the movement and working directly on EggTrack has been really fulfilling. I’ve left feeling energized and equipped to help the movement and farm animals.”

Interested in a summer internship? CIWF US has signed up to be a partner organization of the Reducetarian Fellowship—an internship program run by the Reducetarian Foundation. Fellows who have been through the Foundation’s training will be placed with a partner organization 8-10 weeks, June-August 2023.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team to inquire about past internships and what opportunities will be available soon: info@ciwf.com.

Available positions

Available positions will be posted here. Check back soon!


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