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We campaign with one goal in mind: to end cruel factory farming.


Our broken food system is bad for animals and humans alike, and we work tirelessly to build a world that’s more compassionate for animals, more just for farmers, and more transparent for consumers. Change is happening faster than ever—and thanks to you, the momentum continues to build. Looking for ways to join the fight? Read on to find out how you can improve the lives of animals!

Eat Plants. For a Change.

If our food system continues on its current path, it will mean skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions, catastrophic wildlife destruction, and perpetual animal suffering. We need to do more. And it starts with less. Less meat, eggs, and dairy on your plate means more progress for animals, people, and the planet—and more room for delicious plant-based foods! Sign up for free resources on how to eat less meat.

Tell McDonald's: Chickens Deserve Better

Even though over 90 major companies like Subway, Burger King, and Sonic have already committed to treat chickens better, McDonald’s is lagging behind. See why McDonald's customer and mother of two ShaRhonda Dawson started a petition asking McDonald's for common sense animal welfare reforms. Join over 250,00 supporters in signing her petition!

Discover what recent studies say about chicken (hint: it's not pretty).

To meet high demand, chickens have been genetically manipulated to grow too big, too fast, while living sedentary lives on crowded, dirty factory farm floors. The chickens have changed—and the meat has, too (we’re talking less protein and way more fat). Find out what that means for animal welfare…and for your health.

Shop better, eat better.

With so much (mis)information and so many confusing food labels out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed. We broke it down, item by item, to help you choose food that's better for animals, the planet, and your health. Click here to download the—100% free!—Compassionate Food Guide.

Tell Popeye's to End Animal Cruelty

Though Popeyes claims the chickens they source are subjected to “ethical, humane treatment,” the truth is much scarier. The chickens in Popeye's supply chain are real-life Frankenchickens. They are prisoners in their own bodies, often unable to move freely and vulnerable to heart, lung, and leg problems. You can stop this. Contact Popeyes today.

Join the movement for Better Chicken.

Chickens suffer far more than any other farmed animal—and because factory farming has dramatically degraded their living conditions, dangerously warped their genetics, and cut corners to ramp up production, both chickens and consumers are paying the price. Luckily, there’s a better way—click here to get the facts and get involved.

Demand change from Pilgrim's Pride.

The second largest chicken company in America told its contract farmers to ban everyone, apart from essential personnel, from their chicken houses for “biosecurity and confidentiality” reasons. What were they hiding? Thanks to two brave, whistleblowing farmers, we know the truth. See what happened when they took us behind the scenes.

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