Ending factory farming. Ending animal cruelty.
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The future of food and farming starts now.

Our mission is to end factory farming, full stop—and with a dedicated, inclusive coalition of supporters at our side, we campaign to meaningfully improve the lives of animals and build a food system that works for everyone.

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Whether it’s demanding better animal welfare from a top food company, contesting deceptive food labels for consumers, or fighting for a more sustainable future for our children, our campaigns are grounded in sound science and encompass the full scope of the challenges facing our food system—from animal suffering to environmental destruction, social injustice to public health threats. Scroll down for ways you can take urgent action to end factory farming and build a better food future for animals, people, and the planet:

Hold meat industry giants accountable

Hold meat industry giants accountable

Congress must step in to stop factory farming giants from protecting profits over animals, people, and the planet. Send your message to Congress today.

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