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News Section Icon Published 5/14/2024

Historic new law to ban live exports

Live animal exports finally banned from Great Britain!

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News Section Icon Published 5/8/2024

New threats of octopus farm plans revealed

Campaigners call for octopus farm to be stopped as new documents reveal plans threatened environment, wildlife and public health.

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News Section Icon Published 4/25/2024

Businesses commit to welfare improvements but are slow to action

Business Benchmark for Farm Animal Welfare relaunched with tougher criteria, raising the bar for global food companies.

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News Section Icon Published 4/2/2024

Lily takes the plunge to help stop octopus farm

Nine-year-old animal-lover Lily takes on a fundraising swim challenge to help stop proposed new octopus factory farm.

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News Section Icon Published 3/28/2024

More U.S. food companies share progress towards adopting higher welfare chicken

Latest U.S. ChickenTrack shows food businesses are making strides to improve chicken welfare.

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News Section Icon Published 3/13/2024

Evermore Pet Food becomes 2nd company in the U.S. to attain Better Chicken Commitment Compliance

Evermore Pet Food, a leading provider of high-quality pet nutrition, has proudly achieved Better Chicken Commitment compliance, solidifying its dedication to ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.

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News Section Icon Published 3/12/2024

Experts agree intensification won’t solve climate crisis

World’s leading climate and agriculture scientists believe farming more animals intensively is not the way to tackle the climate crisis.

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News Section Icon Published 3/1/2024

Washington State Set to Ban Octopus Farming

The state of Washington is set to make history with the world’s first legislation to ban octopus farming.

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News Section Icon Published 2/8/2024

New study reveals shocking wild caught fish numbers

Groundbreaking study reveals shocking number of wild fish caught annually – half of which are fed to farmed animals rather than people.

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News Section Icon Published 1/24/2024

Laws needed to underpin voluntary cage-free progress

Legislation is needed to underpin cage-free progress made by businesses outlined in new EggTrack 2023 report.

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