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News Section Icon Published 7/7/2023

Campfire Treats Becomes the First Company to Meet All Standards of the Better Chicken Commitment

On July 6th, Campfire Treats reached 100% compliance for the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC), a feat that no other company in the United States has made so far.

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News Section Icon Published 6/15/2023

USDA Announces Effort to Strengthen Animal Raising Label Claims

Yesterday, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the launch of a new initiative aimed at strengthening the requirements for the use of animal raising claims on meat, dairy, and egg products.

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News Section Icon Published 6/2/2023

Goodness Gracious Pet Food Company Commits to Suite of New Animal Welfare Commitments

In a groundbreaking move for the pet food industry, Goodness Gracious, a prominent pet food company, has revealed three new animal welfare commitments.

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News Section Icon Published 5/30/2023

Sprouts Farmers Market is opening crates for pigs with this new policy update

The natural foods supermarket chain, Sprouts Farmers Market, has published an updated pork commitment detailing its plan to transition its pork supply to higher welfare standards by 2025.

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News Section Icon Published 5/24/2023

Pret A Manger releases roadmap to better welfare for broiler chickens

Pret A Manger published a roadmap detailing its plan to implement the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) standards throughout its US operations by 2026.

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News Section Icon Published 5/11/2023

More money, more meat – how America is eating its way to extinction

New report shows how much America must reduce its meat, fish, dairy, and egg consumption to save humanity.

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News Section Icon Published 3/30/2023

Number of Companies Reporting Better Chicken Commitment Progress More than Triples

This year's ChickenTrack is bigger than ever before with more than three times the number of companies reporting their progress toward the Better Chicken Commitment.

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News Section Icon Published 3/16/2023

Cruel and unsustainable octopus farm must be scrapped

Plans for world’s first octopus farm reveal our worst fears—animal cruelty and serious environmental costs.

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News Section Icon Published 3/14/2023

Giant Eagle Takes a Bold Step Toward Cage-Free Eggs by 2025

Giant Eagle has committed to sourcing only cage-free eggs by 2025.

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News Section Icon Published 3/7/2023

Snowfox Group commits to and reports progress toward improving broiler welfare

Snowfox Group has signed up to improve animal welfare in its supply chains.

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