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Pigs rank among the most intelligent animals on Earth. Unfortunately, factory farms subject them to unspeakable cruelty—mainly in the form of gestation and farrowing crates, which isolate pregnant and nursing sows in spaces so small they cannot lie down easily or turn around.

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If you buy pork, bacon, sausage, or other pork products, look for meaningful, third-party animal welfare certifications that do not permit gestation crates or farrowing crates—such as Global Animal Partnership (GAP), Animal Welfare Approved (AWA), or Certified Humane.

Alternatively, seek out higher welfare pig products from pasture-raised systems, where pigs are allowed to root in the soil, explore their environment, and raise their young naturally. Check out our “Know Your Labels” page for more details.

Unless it specifies as such, standard pork and pork products most likely come from factory farms that use cruel confinement systems. Remember: when you’re eating out, ask if the pork or bacon on your plate is from a higher-welfare system (like pasture-raised) that does not use gestation crates.

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