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News Section Icon Published 3/28/2024

Today, March 28, we released the fifth U.S. ChickenTrack report, which measures food companies’ progress toward meeting the higher welfare requirements of the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC).

It reveals that some businesses have reported significant improvements, with an increase of almost 27% more companies reporting progress this year.

ChickenTrack drives progress for higher welfare chicken

Our U.S. ChickenTrack report helps drive significant welfare improvements for the billions of chickens reared each year across the United States by holding companies accountable for their Better Chicken Commitments.

To date, over 230 companies have signed up to the BCC in the U.S., committing to offer their customers only higher welfare products from healthier, happier chickens. This includes retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, food service and hospitality businesses like Applegate, Blue Apron, Blue Sushi Sake Grill, Chipotle, Elior North America, Giant Eagle, HelloFresh, Open Farm, Panera Bread, Perdue Farms, Pret A Manger, Shake Shack and Unilever.

A broiler chicken

ChickenTrack 2023 reports on the progress of 52 companies, all assessed on their progress towards implementing the full package of science-based criteria needed to significantly improve the lives of broiler chickens. These include giving the chickens more space to live, environmental enrichments to rest and play, undertaking more humane slaughter methods, and most importantly, using slower-growing breeds which is vital for their welfare.

Increase in companies sharing progress, but some neglecting to report

The number of companies reporting on their progress has increased by about 27% from 2022. 18 companies are reporting for the first time, including Delaware North, WOWorks and Peet’s Coffee. Pet food companies Campfire Treats and Evermore Pet Food are the first and only two companies to achieve full compliance with the BCC. 32 companies report 100% compliance against at least one criterion. 

ChickenTrack motivates companies to raise the bar for chicken welfare

Globally, an estimated 70 billion chickens are slaughtered annually for meat, 1 with over two-thirds being fast-growing breeds raised in barren, overcrowded sheds, and this number is continuing to rise. Breeding for fast growth to increase production brings with it numerous health risks for chickens, such as heart defects, organ failure, compromised immune systems and musculoskeletal problems. This further exacerbates the suffering experienced where chickens are unable to exhibit natural behaviours such as perching, pecking, foraging, scratching and playing, resulting in a poor quality of life from start to finish.

A factory-farmed broiler chicken bred for fast, unnatural growth lays lame on a barn floor.
A factory-farmed broiler chicken bred for fast, unnatural growth lays lame on a barn floor.

Through ChickenTrack, we motivate food companies to uphold their higher welfare commitments, fostering transparency and accountability through annual progress reporting, all aimed at driving the shift towards making higher welfare chicken the industry norm.

Julia Johnson, U.S. Head of Food Business at Compassion says: "In the United States, chickens raised for meat are reared at such an immense scale that incremental changes can significantly impact billions of chickens. More than 140 million birds are set to benefit from Compassion in World Farming’s U.S. Working Group for Broiler Welfare alone. It is inspiring to see more companies reporting progress on their chicken policies, especially the two companies that are fully compliant with the BCC, demonstrating that change for chickens is possible. Through ChickenTrack, we know that progress is increasing every year, and Compassion in World Farming will continue to support all companies until the baseline for chickens is raised, ensuring a more humane food system.”

Find out more: www.ciwf.com/chickentrack

1 Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, 2021

ChickenTrack 2023:

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