Ending factory farming. Ending animal cruelty.
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Despite recent progress, more and more animals are raised on factory farms every year. The number of people on our planet is expected to hit 10 billion by 2050, and the rapidly rising human population means demand for food—and protein—will rise with it. If our food system continues its current path, it will mean skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions, catastrophic wildlife destruction, and perpetual animal suffering.

We need to do more. And it starts with less.


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Why eat more plant-based?

Eating more plants and less animal-sourced foods is better for human health, the planet and farmed animals.

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2. Why eat more plant-based?

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Less meat, eggs, and dairy on your plate means more progress for animals, people, and the planet—and more room for delicious plant-based foods! Sign up now to get all the tips, tricks, and resources you'll need to power your meals for the good of the world.

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Resource Library

Whether you're looking for your next mealtime inspiration or a meatless holiday how-to, our plant-based library can help you serve up compassionate cuisine loved by all!

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