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10 plant-based Instagrammers to follow now

News Icon 8/15/2018

Inspiration is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when you’re making major changes in your life. For example, the Compassion USA office is plastered in photos of happy, frolicking farm animals to keep us focused on our goal of ending factory farming.

We willingly admit that we swipe through a lot of delicious-looking, plant-based food photos in our spare time (maybe too much), but it motivates us to continue our plant-based journeys every day. Food bloggers create everything from the perfectly casual to the colorfully decadent. While our re-creation attempts may not look as perfect as theirs, they never let our taste buds down!

Here’s a list of ten plant-based Instagrammers that you NEED to follow this summer:


1. Jenné Claiborne (@sweetpotatosoul)


Jenné is one of our favorite Instagrammers. As an Atlanta-based organization, we really connect with her recipes that draw upon her Georgia roots and her picturesque dishes with a touch of Southern charm! Earlier this year, she released her first cookbook (aptly titled Sweet Potato Soul) filled with 100 recipes stacked with smoke, sugar, and spice. We also want to send out a big congratulations to Jenné on her recent plant-based wedding—visit her YouTube channel to see how she did it!


2. Garrett Parfitt (@sirplantsalot)


Nothing screams summer like a refreshing frozen treat—just look how perfect those Chia Pops look! Garrett Parfitt, from @sirplantsalot, will bring a little fun and a lot of color to your Instagram feed. His flair for plant-based foods feels distinctly clean and creative, perfect for those of us transitioning to more of a plant-based diet.


3. Shine with Plants (@shinewithplants)


15 minutes Vegan Coconut Curry Recipe🍛Link is in my bio👆🏾 Well, I made this meal earlier this week to welcome home 2 of my young cousins who are visiting from France. They aren’t vegan but they absolutely loved it! I had to make it again for #lunch today because they’ve been asking for that since then👌🏾 This recipe is one of our favorite family cooked meal recipes and each time we make it for our family and friends, it’s always a total success!! It’s gluten-free, healthy and sooo #tasty !! If you were looking for a healthy #vegan cooked meal for #lunch or #dinner tonight, there you go😉 You guys have a great rest of the day😘 #healthylunch #healthydinner #coconut #curry #glutenfree #pasta #avocado

A post shared by Fabiola🌷 (@shinewithplants) on Jul 26, 2018 at 9:59am PDT

Have a young family that wants to eat more plants, but don’t know how to feed them? Look no further than @shinewithplants! Fabiola and her family are just about the most adorable thing on Instagram, and her plant-based food hauls will make you run right to the grocery store to stock up on fruits and veggies! Subscribe to her YouTube channel to see just how she keeps her family running on plants.


4. Max la Manna (@eatingwithmax)


Interested in going even further to reduce your environmental impact? Well, this zero waste, plant-based chef is cooking up ways for you to save the planet (and farmed animals along the way!) @eatingwithmax is filled with tasty treats and waste reducing tips to keep you feeling enviro-friendly. What are the takeaways? Eat more plants, remember reusable containers, and compost food scraps—we second that!


5. Taavi Moore (@healthienut)


Seventeen-year-old Taavi Moore may be young, but her food photography is no joke. Her artfully-stylized plant-based creations are both healthy and easy to make—and there are SO many recipes on her blog! Be careful, though...start scrolling through her photos and you just might not be able to stop (is it time for Sunday Brunch yet?).


6. Shan (@meatlessinnewyork)


Self-proclaimed mango addict Shan from @meatlessinnewyork has some of the most gorgeous plant-based food photos on Instagram. Seriously. You may follow her for the photography, but you’ll definitely stay for the recipes! With a focus on accessibility, Shan’s recipes are ideal for the average plant-eater—and those that share her love of mangoes.


7. Chris (@consciouschris)


We don’t always want to make delicious food, sometimes we just want to buy it. That’s one of the reasons we love Portland-based @consciouschris, because he gets it! Follow Chris to indulge on all the mouth-watering foods he discovers at restaurants, cafes, and festivals. But make no mistake, he’s also one heck of a plant-based cook! Be sure to follow his and his partner Jasmine’s blog too, where they showcase their sweet and simple creations. #plantbasedcouplegoals


8. Lauren Kirchmaier (@flora_and_vino)


OK I need your help. 🤷‍♀️ Do you Dan would like these NO SUGAR ADDED BLACK BEAN BLENDER BROWNIES for his bday tomorrow if I leave out the no sugar, bean, and blender part when I tell him what they are?! 😂 What’s left is BROWNIES and no one can deny brownies! 🍫 Grab the easy recipe on the blog! Bdays were kind of a big deal for my family growing up and I love to make it a big deal for others now, too! I mean, it’s basically a holiday all your own, so why not go all out?! ✌🏻 . . . http://www.floraandvino.com/black-bean-blender-brownies/ . . . #floraandvino #floraandvino #veganbrownies #brownies #refinedsugarfree #veganbaking #oilfree #tiuapproved #tiucheckin #tiumealprep #eeeeeats #plantbasednutrition #mealprep #toneitup #tiugirl #veganfoodblogger #veganfoodshare #veganrecipes #foodphotographer #positivevibes #buzzfeedfood #postworkoutsnack #mealplanning #veganbaking #summertoneup #vegancookies #glutenfreecookies #glutenfreebaking #healthybrownies

A post shared by Lauren Kirchmaier (@flora_and_vino) on Jul 28, 2018 at 7:51pm PDT

One of the best parts of eating plant-based is that it’s super easy to accommodate other dietary needs! Gluten-intolerant? Avoiding oil? Then Lauren from @flora_and_vino is the Instagrammer for you. Her recipes focus on whole food ingredients that will keep you feeling happy and healthy! Bonus: her dog, Harper, makes guest appearances now and again, and she’s almost too cute to handle.


9. Stuff on Toast (@stuffontoast)


The username accurately sums this account up—it’s “exactly what you’d expect. And other things.” Don’t be fooled by the wonderfully simple concept, however. @stuffontoast goes beyond the mundane, diving into some delicate-looking toast artistry that’s sure to give your morning avocado toast a run for its money!


10. Caroline Ginolfi (@plantbasedblonde)


Certified plant-based nutritionist and wellness coach Caroline Ginolfi is a perfect resource for those choosing to eat more plants. Her blog features everything from recipes to lifestyle tips. Along with her divine-looking food photos, Caroline brings an air of positivity with her posts that keeps us feeling bright and motivated—we could all use more of that!


Following these bloggers will certainly plant lots of fun ideas and recipes in your Instagram feed, but it’s only a start! Grow your list of plant-based Instagrammers and share your favorites with us @CompassionUSA.


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