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Tomorrow’s the big day!

News Icon 11/5/2018


For California, this opportunity presents a chance to make history—and improve the lives of millions of animals in the process.

If passed, Prop 12 would immediately become the most impactful farmed animal welfare law on the books, effectively banning not only the use of cruel cages and crates for pigs, egg-laying hens, and veal calves in California, but banning the sale of products from animals raised in them. In a state that now represents the fifth largest economy in the world, this measure is a huge deal, and would set the standard for more states to follow in the future.

Right now, millions of animals in America are crammed into cages so small they can hardly move or turn around. Prop 12 will prohibit the use of these extreme confinement tactics—while also ensuring that food items sold in California comply with these modest standards. 

Compassion USA is proud to be part of the Prevent Cruelty California coalition working to get this critically-important measure on the books. Because we know that achieving our goal of ending factory farming will take all of us standing up and creating the change ourselves, together. And if we’re going to build a kinder, more compassionate food system, that change starts with each and every one of us raising our voice.

Ready to pass this much-needed measure into law? If you’re a California resident, be sure to get out to the polls on November 6 and vote #YesOn12! Or if you have friends, family, or acquaintances in the Golden State, encourage them to help eliminate some of the worst-of-the-worst factory farming practices and improve the lives of millions of animals cruelly confined in cages and crates—not just in California, but across the nation.

Click here to find your designated polling place and make a plan to vote tomorrow. And head over to Prevent Cruelty California to learn more about this historic effort.

Let’s bring it home for farmed animals!


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