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News Icon 1/23/2023

The rise of Right-to-Harm bills

Right-to-Harm bills are protecting big business from local communities that want to see an end to factory farming and animal cruelty in their neighborhoods.

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News Icon 1/10/2023

Cage-free eggs are a top priority for global companies, reveals EggTrack report

As reported by Bloomberg, the sixth EggTrack report by Compassion in World Farming shows more companies are making global commitments towards cage-free production.

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News Icon 1/5/2023

2022: A year of becoming better advocates for animals

We spent the year thinking about our contribution to the social justice movement outside of our day-to-day advocacy for farmed animals.

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News Icon 12/22/2022

Almost 4 million Americans now have access to cage-free eggs through WIC

25 state WIC programs and the District of Columbia now offer cage-free egg options, representing over 60% of WIC participants.

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News Icon 12/5/2022

How to have a harmonious plant-based holiday season

While there are many reasons why the holidays can be stressful, choosing to eat plant-based need not be one of them. We've compiled a list of tips and advice to help you navigate the season's friends, family, and food for a harmonious holiday.

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News Icon 11/18/2022

Thanksgiving 101: A Guide to a More Compassionate Meal

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Are you prepared? If you need a little compassionate inspiration, here's our guide to navigating store shelves and planning a plant-forward feast!

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News Icon 11/14/2022

Before You Buy That Butterball: A Compassionate Thanksgiving Resource Guide

A break down of pasture raised vs factory farmed turkeys, turkey alternatives, and where to find them.

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News Icon 11/10/2022

Tips and Recipes to Try This Holiday Season

See our top tips for a successful holiday feast, along with some of our staff's tried-and-true family recipes from our homes to yours.

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News Icon 10/31/2022

Why we need cage-free eggs

Cage-free eggs are becoming more popular among consumers. But is "cage-free" really better for animals?

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News Icon 10/26/2022

Wickedly Tasty Plant-Based Treats

Whatever activities you'll be enjoying this fall, a plant-based, seasonally-inspired treat is the perfect way to top off a great fall day. Here are some of our favorite, frightfully decadent finds.

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