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News Icon 7/30/2021

Make way for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

There is nothing more comforting than coming home to the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies—unless you know that each of those delicious morsels was made with heaping spoonfuls of compassion!

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News Icon 7/14/2021

Farm System Reform Act reintroduced in Congress (with even more support!)

This week, New Jersey senator, Cory Booker and Representative Ro Khanna of California reintroduced their bill to phase out factory farming in the United States.

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News Icon 6/28/2021

Happy Pride from Compassion USA

Compassion strives to celebrate and uplift voices in diverse communities all year long, and we are excited to celebrate Pride this year with our staff and supporters around the world.

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News Icon 6/25/2021

Proud of Your Plate: Celebrating LGBTQIA Chefs and Sustainability

This Pride month we are evaluating the plates of 3 LGBTQIA chefs! These meals will help us gage how dishes made with animal products compare to the sustainability of plant-based foods.

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News Icon 5/18/2021

Recipe Rolodex: 10 AAPI Plant-based Recipes

May is Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and #EatPlantsForAChange wants to celebrate the compassionate and delicious plant-based delicacies of theses distinct and beautiful cultures with a recipe Rolodex!

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News Icon 4/14/2021

To save the planet, we need to evaluate our plates

Jeff Doyle, US Head of Food Business, discusses the need for holistic food system reform and Compassion USA's new Evaluate Your Plate calculator!

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News Icon 3/24/2021

Plant-based food trends for Spring

We scoured the web for plant-based trends popping up with the daisies this spring to keep you ahead of the game as we say goodbye to sweater weather. From seasonal shopping to seasonal eating, we’ve got the inside scoop!

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News Icon 3/19/2021

The Best Plant-Based Meats of 2021

In 2021, more plant-based meat brands and products are stocked next to animal proteins than ever before! Here’s our staff picks for the best ones.

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News Icon 3/18/2021

Why eat more plant-based?

There are a whole host of reasons why eating more plants is better for animals, people, and the planet. Here are a few we find the most compelling.

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News Icon 3/17/2021

Tofu Scramble

Making the most of your morning sets you up for a great day, and so does this quick and easy tofu scramble.

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