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News Icon 5/25/2023

9 Plant-Based Takes on Memorial Day Classics

From appetizers to desserts, we’ve compiled a list to keep you munching all celebration long.

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News Icon 5/25/2023

Choosing Chicken Wisely: The Impact of Selective Breeding on Animal Welfare and Food Safety

From selective breeding to foodborne illness, the cost of cheap chicken is higher than you think.

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News Icon 3/8/2023

In Appreciation of Women: The Backbone of our Food System

As we consider Women’s History Month and the role women (inclusive of all who identify as women) play in our food system, on-farm and throughout the supply chain, it is clear that women are, in reality, the backbone of this system.

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News Icon 3/1/2023

Honoring National Pig Day

While Compassion in World Farming works tirelessly for higher pig welfare year-round, today marks a time to reflect on why these animals deserve our love and respect and what makes them truly remarkable.

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News Icon 2/9/2023

Utah's Pro-Cruelty Bill Must Be Stopped

A new bill speeding through the Utah legislature would prohibit any town or county from banning several types of businesses often associated with animal suffering. This dangerous bill must be stopped now before it's too late.

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News Icon 2/8/2023

20 Plant-based Snacks for Super Bowl 2023

Game Day's right around the corner—are you prepared? Stack the field with these 20 incredible plant-based snacks and you're sure to be awarded MVP!

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News Icon 1/23/2023

The rise of Right-to-Harm bills

Right-to-Harm bills are protecting big business from local communities that want to see an end to factory farming and animal cruelty in their neighborhoods.

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News Icon 1/10/2023

Cage-free eggs are a top priority for global companies, reveals EggTrack report

As reported by Bloomberg, the sixth EggTrack report by Compassion in World Farming shows more companies are making global commitments towards cage-free production.

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News Icon 1/5/2023

2022: A year of becoming better advocates for animals

We spent the year thinking about our contribution to the social justice movement outside of our day-to-day advocacy for farmed animals.

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News Icon 12/22/2022

Almost 4 million Americans now have access to cage-free eggs through WIC

25 state WIC programs and the District of Columbia now offer cage-free egg options, representing over 60% of WIC participants.

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