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News Icon 2/16/2024

Stopping the financing of factory farming

Showcasing the financial sector's role in supporting the expansion of factory farming and how Compassion in World Farming is working to help stop financing factory farming.

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News Icon 2/13/2024

Washington state’s octopus farming ban passes important legislative milestone

Learn about Washington's ban on octopus farming due to its harm to animals and the environment. Explore global efforts against commercial octopus farming, noting successes and ongoing challenges. Stay engaged in promoting ethical aquaculture.

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News Icon 2/8/2024

Celebrating WOWorks: Leading the Charge for Chickens in Restaurants

WOWorks leads chicken welfare in restaurants, revolutionizing industry standards with transparency and tangible goals for ethical dining.

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News Icon 1/25/2024

Ensuring Healthy Diets and Food Production: A Call for Science-based Dietary Guidelines

America's Dietary Guidelines have been slanted by influence from industrialized animal agriculture. We must eliminate corporate censorship to protect public health and reduce animal suffering in factory farms.

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News Icon 1/9/2024

CIWF featured on new Netflix docuseries "You Are What You Eat"

The series describes a host of problems caused by the current industrialized farming system, from the spread of antibiotic resistance to racial injustices caused by proximity to factory farming pollution.

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News Icon 1/3/2024

A Decade of Compassion: Celebrating the 10-Year Anniversary of Compassion in World Farming USA

As Compassion in World Farming USA prepares to enter its second decade, our shared journey toward a more compassionate future continues.

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News Icon 11/27/2023

USDA Adopts Suite of New Animal Welfare Regulations for Certified Organic Farms

These new rules close several loopholes that help restore value for certified farmers, restore trust for consumers, and ensure that animals on certified farms receive the treatment they deserve.

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News Icon 11/22/2023

Before You Buy That Butterball: A Compassionate Thanksgiving Resource Guide

A break down of pasture raised vs factory farmed turkeys, turkey alternatives, and where to find them.

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News Icon 11/3/2023

Working Together to End Factory Farming: Highlights from the 2023 Reducetarian Summit

The 5th annual Reducetarian Summit, held in Denver, brought together a wide range of speakers and advocates from varying backgrounds to educate on how we can reduce our consumption of animal products to help end factory farming for good.

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News Icon 10/26/2023

Giants of cultivated meat discuss new book during Facebook Live event

To celebrate the launch of the new book, Cultivated Meat to Secure Our Future: Hope for Animals, Food Security, and the Environment, two leaders in cellular agriculture joined Compassion’s Global CEO, Philip Lymbery, for a live discussion.

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