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Compassion in World Farming is laser-focused on ending factory farming, the single biggest cause of animal cruelty on the planet. Our highly efficient and effective US team of animal welfare advocates is making real progress to improve the lives of millions of farm animals. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:


Eggs from caged hens will soon be a thing of the past


It’s been a banner year for egg-laying hens! Many of the world’s largest and most influential food companies made historic cage-free egg commitments, allowing millions of hens the space to strut, flap, and perch.

Compassion is proud to have collaborated with the biggest players in the industry to help them establish policies that ditch the cages and acknowledge consumer demand for improved animal welfare standards. In the past two years, we have helped secure cage-free policies from:

And the dominoes continue to fall—as of July 2016, all of the nation’s top 25 food retailers have committed to do right thing, creating cage-free supply chains.



For the 1st time, companies commit to better genetics and living conditions


Chickens raised for meat endure the most grueling lives of any farmed animal. Since 2012, our Better Chicken Initiative has advocated for the use of healthier, slower-growing breeds—and better living conditions that offer more space, natural light, and enrichment. Thanks to the passion and generosity of our supporters, chicken companies are finally starting to take note:

  • Following a Compassion USA campaign, Perdue made waves in 2016 with its detailed animal welfare plan—the first of its kind in the chicken industry.
  • Retail giant Whole Foods Market pledged to work closely with the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), creator of North America’s most comprehensive farm animal welfare standards, to source chicken from slower-growing breeds kept in better conditions.
  • We continue to forge unlikely partnerships with factory farm owners who want to speak out against injustices in the chicken industry. Visit better-chicken.org to watch their stories. As a result of these videos, thousands of supporters have petitioned companies for better chicken.
  • Our annual Pastured Poultry Week has brought together chefs from New York to Atlanta to highlight communities’ need for better chicken, raised humanely and sourced sustainably.
  • In 2016, chicken companies and food businesses made an unprecedented move by joining us at our Better Chicken Leadership Forum, where the people with the power to create change gathered to discuss solutions to the most pressing chicken welfare issues. The message was clear—chickens are the new major priority in farm animal welfare.



Consumers win in fight for honest food labels


Factory farming isn’t only dangerous for the animals—it impacts our health, the environment, and worker safety. And as customers demand more information about where their food comes from and how animals are treated, Compassion USA is working to bring consumer issues to the fore:

  • When the USDA was verifying factory farmed chicken as “humane,” 123,000 consumers joined us in fighting for reform—and we won.
  • Overuse of antibiotics in factory farming has contributed to the rapid rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, and Compassion has been a leading voice in the movement to scale back this harmful practice in conjunction with better living conditions for farm animals.
  • Stay tuned for the release of our free Food Buying Guide, an all-in-one handbook for compassionate shoppers looking for plant-based alternatives and food options that benefit animals, public health, and the planet.



Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards motivate businesses to make animals a priority


Our Food Business Team works hard to make farm animal welfare a key priority in supply chains. When top food companies commit to meaningful change, the rest often follow, and that’s why we’re proud to recognize corporate leaders paving the way for farm animal welfare:

  • Since 2007, our Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards have highlighted companies committed to establishing higher welfare standards in their global supply chains. In 2016, five US companies were recognized, including Whole Foods, Compass, Happy Egg Co. and Pret a Manger.
  • Compassion in World Farming is a founding member of the Business Benchmark for Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW), the world’s leading measure of company performance on farm animal welfare and transparency. Our ratings drive corporate decision-making and have inspired change within some of the world’s biggest companies.
  • Top food industry investors are taking note that consumers care about animal welfare. In a first-of-its-kind letter, 18 institutional investors signed on to take farm animal welfare policies into account when analyzing food companies, and to encouraging high standards and transparency across the food industry.



The movement to end factory farming grows exponentially


People in the U.S. and around the world are demanding change for farm animals, and our movement is gaining momentum. In the past two years, our campaigns have reached over 100 million people and counting:

You are the change

We work hard to create real, measurable change in the lives of farm animals, but none of this would be possible without our passionate supporters. Thank you for standing up for farm animals and demanding better from our food system. To help continue our food business program and advocacy campaigns, please consider making a donation.


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