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Published 23.05.16


Eighteen institutional investors sign global investor statement on farm animal welfare

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Published 05.04.16


The world's largest retailer announces commitment to source 100% of the eggs it sells from cage-free hens by 2025.

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Published 17.03.16

Whole Foods commits to better chicken

In a historic announcement, Whole Foods Market becomes the first major food business in the US to support a commitment by the Global Animal Partnership commit to slower-growing chicken breeds with better genetics and better living conditions by…

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Published 02.03.16

Delhaize America to go cage-free

Delhaize America, owner of Food Lion and Hannaford, announces commitment to 100% cage-free shelled eggs by 2025 or sooner.

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Published 13.02.16

Victory for hens! Trader Joe’s goes 100% cage free

Trader Joe's commits to 100% cage-free eggs in response to a CIWF supporter's petition, and CIWF Adele "Hello" parody video.

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Published 02.02.16

Unilever offers plant-based mayo alternative

CIWF commends Unilever for their ongoing commitment to farm animal welfare. Unilever launches an eggless, plant-based mayo alternative, while research progresses toward an end to the killing of day old male chicks by the egg industry.

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Published 24.01.16

Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare 2015

The Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare releases the 2015 Report to investors on farm animal welfare rankings.

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Published 12.11.15

Victory for honest food labels!

The USDA’s Processed Verified Program, which verifies food label claims for chicken giant Perdue, is no longer using the term “humanely raised" to describe the factory farmed chicken.

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Published 05.11.15

Panera to go cage-free

Panera Bread announces by 2020 they will no longer buy eggs from caged hens. Panera's pork supply is already gestation crate-free, and all beef is grass-fed.

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Published 09.09.15

McDonald's to go cage-free

McDonald’s, the nation’s leading fast food company, partners with Compassion USA to announce today that within 10 years they will no longer buy eggs from farmers keeping their hens in cages.

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