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News Section Icon Published 2/3/2021

New Report: Food System Impacts on Biodiversity Loss

A new Chatham House report—launched in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme and Compassion in World Farming—presents key steps to preserving biodiversity.

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News Section Icon Published 1/29/2021

VICTORY: Dangerous chicken slaughter line speed increase withdrawn

In a move that will benefit animals and humans alike, the Biden administration has thrown out a reckless rule allowing the increase of chicken slaughter line speeds.

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News Section Icon Published 1/21/2021

Urgent reformation of our food system needed

Introducing a new Chatham House report on food systems and biodiversity loss, in partnership with Compassion and UNEP.

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News Section Icon Published 12/22/2020

RBI Announces Global Commitment to go Cage-free

RBI (parent company of Burger King, Popeyes, and Tim Hortons) commits to going 100% cage-free worldwide!

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News Section Icon Published 12/15/2020

Whole Foods Market leads retailers in better chicken

Whole Foods Market to become first major retailer to meet Better Chicken Commitment by 2026.

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News Section Icon Published 10/29/2020

Report Highlights Global Progress in Company Sourcing of Cage-Free Eggs Despite Impact of the Pandemic on Food Supply Chains

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, food companies are continuing to make global and regional cage-free progress, according to Compassion in World Farming’s 2020 EggTrack report.

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News Section Icon Published 10/2/2020

1.4 Million Signatures Demanding an End to EU Cages Delivered

The 3rd most successful European Citizens' Initiative was hand delivered to the European Commission today.

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News Section Icon Published 8/13/2020

Introducing: Regenerative Organic Certified™

The Regenerative Organic Alliance, of which Compassion is a founding member, just launched its very own certification program—and certified products have already hit the shelves.

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News Section Icon Published 7/15/2020

More than 3/5 of US Citizens Agree that Fish Certifications Must Improve Welfare Standards

Compassion in World Farming has investigated fish welfare standards and exposed a shocking truth...

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News Section Icon Published 7/1/2020

Victory: Colorado Goes Cage-Free!

Some good news to celebrate: Colorado just banned the use of cruel battery cages for egg-laying hens!

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