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News Section Icon Published 11/23/2021

Compassion USA Earns Standout Charity Rating

Animal Charity Evaluators announced that Compassion in World Farming USA has been named a Standout Charity for the fifth consecutive year.

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News Section Icon Published 11/17/2021

EggTrack Shows Worldwide Progress Toward Cage-Free

Latest report shows companies and producers progressing commitments to source eggs from cage-free hens.

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News Section Icon Published 11/5/2021

Diets Must Change to Tackle the Climate Emergency

Without reducing global meat and dairy consumption, we’re headed for climate catastrophe.

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News Section Icon Published 11/1/2021

Compassion Makes "MOOves" at COP26

NGOs and high-profile figures call on world leaders to address the impact of animal agriculture at climate change summit.

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News Section Icon Published 10/8/2021

Octopus Farming: A Recipe for Disaster

CIWF's new report shows octopus farming would be immensely cruel and damaging to our oceans.

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News Section Icon Published 9/21/2021

United Nations Food System Summit is the first of its kind

The UN Food System Summit will focus on what we can do, working together, to transform the way the world produces, consumes, and thinks about food. It's time for the people's summit- and you're invited to take part.

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News Section Icon Published 8/18/2021

Sprouts Farmers Market Commits to Improving Broiler Chicken Welfare

Sprouts Farmers Market, which has more than 360 stores in 23 states, released an updated animal welfare commitment after two years of discussions with animal welfare organizations such as Compassion in World Farming

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News Section Icon Published 8/12/2021

Motherhood in Cages

To highlight the reality of life for sows living in factory farms, Dutch filmmaker Eline Helena Schellekens and editor Kate Morgan, have released Motherhood, a new, short film, which was commissioned by Compassion

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News Section Icon Published 8/10/2021

Response in reference to the sixth report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report

Climate disaster is imminent without investment in reduction of meat and dairy consumption.

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News Section Icon Published 8/3/2021

Leading Food and Retail Brands Announce Formation of the US Working Group for Broiler Welfare

Seven companies are working with Compassion in World Farming to improve broiler chicken welfare standards

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