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Published 11.12.18

BREAKING: King Amendment goes down in the Senate

Congress just gave us some amazing news for farmed animals.

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Published 27.11.18

Compassion USA appears on What Doesn't Kill You podcast

Rachel Dreskin, our Executive Director, sat down with Panera Bread on the What Doesn't Kill You podcast to discuss the importance of building bridges with food companies and how corporate engagement is at the forefront of the animal welfare…

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Published 07.11.18

California Voters Approve Historic Farmed Animal Protection Law

Proposition 12, the nation's most sweeping farmed animal protection law, sets the stage to eliminate cruel crates and cages for millions of farmed animals across the country.

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Published 24.10.18

Compassion USA appears on The Bustle Huddle podcast

Rachel Dreskin, our Executive Director, appears on The Bustle Huddle podcast to talk all about egg production, misleading food labels, and how consumers have the power to change the food industry!

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Published 19.06.18

Launch of Friendly Food Alliance

Compassion in World Farming launches the Friendly Food Alliance, an innovative pilot program to help food businesses prepare for future protein markets.

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Published 09.05.18

Better Chicken Initiative Welcomes PCC Community Markets

PCC Community Markets, the largest consumer-owned food cooperative in the US, has joined Compassion in World Farming’s Better Chicken Initiative!

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Published 13.03.18

Sodexo Comes Through in Canada

Sodexo has announced an expansion of their chicken welfare commitment to include Canada, transitioning to healthier genetics and giving birds in their Canadian supply chain access to more room to roam, natural light, and critical enrichments.

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Published 22.02.18

Latest BBFAW Annual Report

Today, the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) releases its sixth annual report on corporate commitments to animal welfare. Of the 110 companies reviewed, 32 are based in the United States.

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Published 02.11.17

Nestlé takes cage-free global

Nestlé announced today that they will extend their cage-free egg commitment globally. Compassion in World Farming applauds the announcement to make animal welfare a key priority for laying hens worldwide.

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Published 12.10.17

Nestlé Commits to Better Chicken

US brands under the Nestlé umbrella are now going to make big changes in the way chickens are raised.

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