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News Section Icon Published 7/1/2020

Victory: Colorado Goes Cage-Free!

Some good news to celebrate: Colorado just banned the use of cruel battery cages for egg-laying hens!

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News Section Icon Published 6/25/2020

Taco Bell receives Good Egg Award from Compassion in World Farming

Taco Bell is the sole US company to be recognized by Compassion in World Farming’s 2020 Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards.

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News Section Icon Published 6/19/2020

Proud, Compassionate, and Learning: A Letter for Pride 2020

Compassion in World Farming may have been established to combat farmed animal cruelty, but we have and must continue to grow the intersectionality of our platform. Happy Pride & Happy Juneteenth.

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News Section Icon Published 6/18/2020

New Indictments Allege Coordinated Chicken Industry Corruption

Four high-level chicken industry executives have been indicted on price fixing charges as part of an ongoing investigation into an alleged scheme spanning multiple top chicken producers.

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News Section Icon Published 4/17/2020

9 Million Italian Viewers Learn about Spaghetti Meat

Last week, over 9 million viewers of primetime Italian news network Indovina Chi Viene A Cena watched an exposé of the disturbing reality of modern chicken production–and Compassion USA’s Spaghetti Meat campaign was showcased front and center!

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News Section Icon Published 4/2/2020

Top US food companies among those ranked in latest BBFAW report

The Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW), the leading global measure of policy commitment, performance, and disclosure on animal welfare in food companies, has launched its eighth annual report today.

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News Section Icon Published 3/25/2020 Talks with... Compassion USA!

Rachel Dreskin, Executive Director of Compassion USA, recently sat down with Emil Ekvardt of the " Talks With..." podcast to chat about how we're working to change the world for animal, people, and the planet.

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News Section Icon Published 3/18/2020

Compassion USA's Statement on COVID-19

A note from Rachel Dreskin, US Executive Director, about COVID-19 and the state of Compassion USA.

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News Section Icon Published 2/6/2020

Animal Protection Groups Sue Sonny Perdue over Slaughter of Sick, Injured Pigs

Compassion USA joins six other animal protection groups in a new lawsuit challenging the USDA's failure to regulate the slaughter of downed pigs.

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News Section Icon Published 1/30/2020

5.5 Million French Viewers Disgusted by Spaghetti Meat

Compassion USA appeared on the France2 television network to discuss the latest muscular disorder seen in chicken meat—and it wasn't pretty.

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