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Press Release Section Icon 4/25/2024

New Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare reveals progress on commitments but lack of implementation

Relaunched benchmark raises the bar for 150 leading international food companies on animal welfare criteria.

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Press Release Section Icon 4/9/2024

Octopus farm must be stopped, say campaigners, as new documents reveal plans were reckless and threatened environment, wildlife and public health

Environment report was insufficient & exposes ‘hypocrisy’ of Nueva Pescanova’s sustainability claims.

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Press Release Section Icon 4/5/2024

Compassion in World Farming responds to latest bird flu developments

Bird flu is spreading rapidly again, and for the first time, there has been a mammal-to-human transmission from an infected dairy cow.

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Press Release Section Icon 3/28/2024

More than one fifth of companies reporting progress toward the Better Chicken Commitment, U.S. ChickenTrack report shows

Twenty-two percent of companies that have signed up to the North American Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) are publicly reporting their progress, the fifth U.S. ChickenTrack report, released today, shows.

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Press Release Section Icon 2/8/2024

A shocking number of fish are caught from the wild and around half are fed to farmed animals rather than people, new study reveals

Groundbreaking study reveals shocking number of wild fishes caught annually – half of which are fed to farmed animals rather than people

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Press Release Section Icon 1/24/2024

U.S. companies committed to eliminating cages for hens show 73% transition, outlined in new EggTrack 2023 report

The annual report – which measures the progress made by food companies towards fulfilling their voluntary commitments to switch over to cage-free egg production for laying hens – shows that leading businesses have continued to progress despite…

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Press Release Section Icon 10/24/2023

Cultivated Meat to Secure Our Future: Hope for Animals, Food Security, and the Environment

This new book is essential reading for those seeking solutions to how we are eating our way to extinction and taking the planet with us.

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Press Release Section Icon 10/5/2023

Global NGOs unite to urge Canary Islands to reject first octopus farm ahead of World Octopus Day

Compassion in World Farming, alongside 75 other NGOs, scientific experts and public figures, has co-signed a letter to the authorities in the Canary Islands/ Spain/ the EU urging them to reject the proposed octopus farm.

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Press Release Section Icon 9/18/2023

Global NGOs descend on Washington Square Park to call out Big Ag’s role in the climate crisis

Non-profit partners team up to promote meat reduction to help solve the climate crisis

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Press Release Section Icon 5/4/2023

“Our campaign continues”, says Compassion in World Farming in response to Best Aquaculture Practices open letter

This week, the Global Seafood Alliance published an open letter from Best Aquaculture Practices to Compassion in World Farming accusing the charity of running a campaign intended to discredit them.

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