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News Section Icon Published 9/8/2022

HelloFresh releases roadmap to higher chicken welfare

HelloFresh is making progress for chickens in its supply chains.

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News Section Icon Published 8/25/2022

CIWF Welcomes Nine New Members to U.S. Working Group for Chicken Welfare

As the group enters its second year, CIWF welcomes nine new members from across specialties to collectively advance higher welfare in the chicken industry.

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News Section Icon Published 8/22/2022

Wildacre Rotisserie Joins the Better Chicken Commitment

The California-inspired fast-casual rotisserie restaurant founded by former Sweetgreen and Starbucks' culinary leader Ben Pote joins other notable food brands in committing to source higher welfare chicken.

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News Section Icon Published 8/16/2022

Earth Animal Adopts the Better Chicken Commitment

Earth Animal becomes the fifth pet food company to adopt the Better Chicken Commitment

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News Section Icon Published 7/25/2022

Compassion Welcomes Historic Provision in the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill

The Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids Act, a bill released by the House Education and Labor Committee late Wednesday, includes $10 million in grants for plant-based meals in schools.

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News Section Icon Published 7/14/2022

Game-changing food system conference announced

We’ve announced a major new international conference to provide a platform for solutions on global food system transformation.

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News Section Icon Published 7/13/2022

End factory farming or risk next pandemic

Hundreds of thousands of people call for an end to factory farming to help prevent future pandemics through a petition handed to World Health Organization officials yesterday.

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News Section Icon Published 7/7/2022

Major investigation reveals sows suffering awaiting cage ban

Our major new undercover investigation reveals the immense suffering endured by sows in cages as they await the promised European ban on caged farming.

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News Section Icon Published 6/23/2022

New Book Reveals Factory Farming’s Threat to Humanity

"Sixty Harvests Left" explores how humankind & nature can survive the 21st Century together & why our future depends on it

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News Section Icon Published 6/15/2022

Awards recognize animal welfare and environmental achievements

International food companies recognized for achievements at the 2022 Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards

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