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News Section Icon Published 9/8/2022

In a recent update, HelloFresh shared more detailed progress toward its goals to improve the welfare of chickens in its supply chains. HelloFresh is the largest meal kit provider in the United States. In 2021 alone, it delivered nearly one billion meals to households in 16 countries.

In the latest HelloFresh Chicken Policy for the United States, the company reiterated its commitment to the welfare of broiler chickens and reported progress on the tenants of the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC).

HelloFresh reported that 75% of its chicken supply will meet the BCC's functional enrichment component by the end of 2022. HelloFresh plans to exceed 90% by the end of 2023. In addition, the friable litter used in its chicken supply is between 90%-100% and the company will conduct third-party auditing to at least 75% of its supply chain by this year as well.

For the other tenants of the BCC, HelloFresh is in active conversations with its chicken producers to develop solutions regarding breed, lighting, stocking density, and Controlled Atmosphere Stunning, and plans to report progress on each area of the BCC every year until 100% compliance is met.

This policy confirms that the BCC applies to all HelloFresh US brands, including HelloFresh, EveryPlate, Green Chef, Factor, and GoodChop.

Compassion in World Farming USA began partnering with HelloFresh in 2019 to develop the first version of its broiler chicken welfare policy and join the BCC. Since then, HelloFresh has become a part of the US Working Group for Broiler Welfare which aims to support members in exploring workable strategies and creative solutions for transitioning supply chains through the lens of the Better Chicken Commitment.

HelloFresh joined over 200 companies across multiple sectors that have committed to fully transition to higher welfare systems for chickens. In response to their customers, producers are stepping up to meet the demand for healthier genetics, more space, enriched living conditions, and more.

Broiler chickens make up approximately 95% of the animals farmed in our food system—over nine billion are raised and slaughtered each year in the US. Intensive production methods typically keep broiler chickens in overcrowded conditions where many of their natural behaviors cannot be expressed.

Compassion USA would like to commend HelloFresh for publishing this roadmap toward full implementation of the BCC.


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