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News Section Icon Published 7/13/2022

Hundreds of thousands of people, including our own supporters, have added their names to a global campaign calling for an end to factory farming to reduce the risk of future pandemics.

Our Global Campaigns Manager, Marion Windergerst, attended an event in Geneva yesterday (July 12)—jointly organized with Four Paws, the Born Free Foundation and Proyecto Animales Latino Américato hand in the names of more than 600,000 people to World Health Organization (WHO) officials.

These supporters are calling for animal welfare to be a global priority for United Nations Member States in the upcoming negotiations of the World Health Organization (WHO) on the instrument on "pandemic prevention, preparedness and response."

Our petition and detailed report

Our own petition was launched in 2020alongside a detailed report, Is the next Pandemic on our Plate—which highlights how factory farming is a breeding ground for disease and a danger to humanity. It calls on the world’s most influential organizations—including the World Bank, the United Nations and the World Health Organizationto put an end to the cruel, destructive practice once and for all.

A total of 577,639 people signed the petition worldwide.

It also calls for intensive agriculture to be replaced with regenerative farming practices that work in harmony with nature, allow animals to live free of pain and suffering, and prevent the risk of a future pandemic.

Compassion and the other organizations have been working closely together in calling for a "Pandemics Treaty."

Marion and representatives from the three other NGOs handed the petition to WHO officials at an event organized by Four Paws, Preventing the Next Pandemic: What substantive elements must be included in a Pandemic Instrument?

Fix our broken food system

We can’t thank our supporters in the United States enough for shining a light on this urgent issue. Factory farming is a cruel, dangerous practice that is putting our lives at risk. Beyond the unnecessary suffering it causes to billions of farm animals each year, it also creates the perfect conditions for diseases to spread, mutate, and kill human beings across the planet. What more of a reason do we need to put an end to this practice for good? World leaders must stand up and shut this broken system down. In its place, we need to see regenerative farming that works with nature—systems that will actually feed more people, reverse years of environmental damage, and dramatically reduce the risk of a new pandemic. Having seen the devastating effects of COVID-19, surely, we don’t want to carry on as we are and take our chances. The consequences are far too grave.
Ben Williamson, US Executive Director, Compassion in World Farming

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