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Aramark takes cage-free egg commitment global

News Section Icon Published 3/9/2017

Aramark, one of the world’s top food service companies, just announced a global commitment to 100% cage-free eggs. This applies to both shelled and liquid eggs, by 2025.

In the US, Aramark has been 100% cage-free on its shelled eggs since 2015, and is transitioning to 100% cage-free liquid eggs by 2020.

"Aramark's announcement to take their cage-free commitment worldwide will impact the lives of almost a million hens each year and illustrates the company's continued dedication to farm animal welfare," said Rachel Dreskin, Compassion in World Farming’s Head of US Food Business. "It also emphasizes that the tidal wave of change coming for laying hens is not limited by geographical borders."

Today’s announcement from Aramark marks another example of the US cage-free egg movement laying the groundwork for better living conditions for hens worldwide.

Aramark has not only made this important commitment for laying hens, but is also transparently reporting on progress of their cage-free, group-housed, and other animal welfare commitments, as noted in their progress report.

"We are unwavering in our commitment to work with suppliers and animal welfare organizations to advance responsible sourcing practices across our global supply chain," said Scott Barnhart, Aramark's Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain and Procurement. "We are pleased that Aramark's cage-free egg learnings in the U.S. are being applied to address the remaining portion of our total egg purchases around the world."

Top food service companies Compass Group and Sodexo also announced global commitments to source 100% cage-free eggs last year. Compassion in World Farming, along with the Humane Society of the US, has worked with Aramark following their US cage-free commitment, and we look forward to better treatment for hens beyond US borders.

Aramark’s commitment will improve the lives of nearly one million laying hens a year, worldwide.


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