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World's Largest Food Service Co. to Go Cage-Free

News Section Icon Published 9/15/2016

Compass, the world’s largest food service company, has just released a global commitment to source 100% cage-free eggs.

“Improving the welfare of farm animals is a key focus for our business and we've supported the sourcing of cage free eggs since 2009,” said Nicki Crayfourd, Compass’s Director of Health, Safety and Environment. “This commitment marks the next step in our responsible sourcing journey and we look forward to continuing to work together with the Compassion in World Farming team, who provide invaluable support and guidance.”

Compassion in World Farming is proud to have worked with Compass to extend their cage-free policy beyond the US. By 2025, all eggs sourced worldwide by Compass on an annual basis will be required to come from cage-free laying hens. Millions of hens worldwide will be free to spread their wings outside the confines of a cage.

Compass committed in 2007 to going cage-free on shelled eggs in the US, and announced this past March to extend that policy to liquid eggs by 2019. By that deadline, all of Compass’s US egg suppliers are required to be Certified Humane, adhering to standards set by independent animal welfare auditor Humane Farm Animal Care.

Rachel Dreskin, US Head of Food Business at Compassion says, “The US has seen sweeping progress over the past year from food businesses committed to improve laying hen welfare. Today’s announcement from Compass to extend their cage-free egg policy worldwide shows that it’s not just the popular thing to do—it’s also the right thing. We commend Compass for stepping up again and helping to lead the charge for a better world for farm animals.”

This announcement follows food service company Sodexo’s announcement in July to source only cage-free eggs worldwide by 2025. With Compass on board, the cage-free egg movement has officially gone global.

We look forward to a brighter future for laying hens.



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