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News Icon 2/23/2024

by Madison Longenecker

Legislators in Maryland have introduced a crucial bill (SB0193) that could impact the lives of millions of egg-laying hens across the state. If passed, it would require all egg producers in the state to raise their hens cage-free and require all eggs sold in the state to come from cage-free hens. The bill would also require hens to have enrichments, such as nest boxes and perches.

Why are cages cruel for hens?

In most egg factory farms, hens endure unimaginable suffering. Confined to cages no larger than the size of a microwave oven, they are denied the most basic freedoms. Unable to run, jump, or even fully extend their wings, these hens lead lives of confinement and misery.

Two rows of egg-laying hens confined in cages on top of each other.
Egg-laying hens confined in cages.

They are crammed into rows of cages stacked several tiers high, never knowing anything other than the feeling of metal wire beneath their feet and against their feathers. Many also suffer from feather loss, osteoporosis, and other ailments due to poor living conditions.

How Compassion in World Farming is supporting the cage-ban

CIWF provided both written and verbal testimony in the House and Senate committee hearings and took part in a rally outside the statehouse alongside other advocates.

U.S. Staff Member Ryan Robinson stands on the steps in front of a government building, holding a sign showing a caged hen that says "End the Cage Age."
U.S. Staff Member Ryan Robinson attending a rally to support SB0193

Opposition to the bill was minor in comparison to the supporters who testified in favor of it.

A group of supporters of SB0193 pose for a photo in the Senate building.
U.S. Staff Member Lorraine Docherty (third from the left) representing Compassion in World Farming at a senate hearing for SB0193

What happens next for SB0193

We expect a vote in the House Committee by late February. As the momentum behind SB0193 grows, we urge lawmakers in Maryland to stand on the side of compassion and support this meaningful legislation.

If you are a Maryland resident, take action and send a message to your state representatives now to urge them to support cage-free legislation for egg-laying hens.

Madison Longenecker smiling at the camera wearing a black Compassion in World Farming t-shirt

Madison Longenecker works toward developing Compassion USA’s reputation as the leading authority on farmed animal welfare through securing media coverage on Compassion’s missions, annual reports, and campaigns, plus engaging supporters through social media. In her past roles, she has worked as a communications specialist, as an assignment editor in broadcast television in Pittsburgh and as an investigative reporter for her college newspaper. Her experience has provided her with a keen media sense and passion for storytelling. Madison earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Public Relations with an English minor from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


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