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News Icon 2/23/2024

Compassion in action: How Compassion in World Farming is supporting a Maryland bill to ban cages for egg-laying hens

Discover SB0193: Advocating for cage-free conditions for hens in Maryland. Learn about the cruelty of cages, Compassion in World Farming's support, and how to take action for cage-free legislation.

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News Icon 2/21/2024

Disney announces plans for cage-free eggs in Asia

The Walt Disney Company has pledged to transition to 100% cage-free eggs in its operations in Hong Kong and Shanghai by 2030. This commitment aligns with growing consumer demand for ethical sourcing and animal welfare standards. Disney's move…

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News Icon 2/19/2024

WIC agencies scramble to approve cage-free eggs before retailer deadlines

Stay updated on 2024 state WIC programs adopting cage-free eggs. Learn about Louisiana and Alaska's involvement, retailer commitments, and improved access to healthier food choices for lower-income families. Track evolving WIC funding decisions…

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News Icon 2/16/2024

Stopping the financing of factory farming

Showcasing the financial sector's role in supporting the expansion of factory farming and how Compassion in World Farming is working to help stop financing factory farming.

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News Icon 2/13/2024

Washington state’s octopus farming ban passes important legislative milestone

Learn about Washington's ban on octopus farming due to its harm to animals and the environment. Explore global efforts against commercial octopus farming, noting successes and ongoing challenges. Stay engaged in promoting ethical aquaculture.

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News Icon 2/8/2024

Celebrating WOWorks: Leading the Charge for Chickens in Restaurants

WOWorks leads chicken welfare in restaurants, revolutionizing industry standards with transparency and tangible goals for ethical dining.

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