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by Julia Johnson

The Walt Disney Company has announced its commitment to sourcing cage-free shell and liquid eggs exclusively at all its parks and resorts in Hong Kong and Shanghai by 2030.

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The castle at Magic Kingdom

This move is in line with Disney's broader sustainability goals, emphasizing environmental stewardship and ethical business practices. By transitioning to cage-free eggs, Disney aims to reduce its environmental impact and promote the humane treatment of animals.

Collaborating for Change

Compassion in World Farming has been working with Disney for over four years and welcomes this latest commitment as a necessary first step to eliminate suffering for millions of birds. Compassion will continue to work with Disney to ensure this commitment covers against using combination systems, which are not considered suitable alternative cage-free systems for laying hens. Compassion will also support as Disney expands its commitment beyond this region, working toward our vision of Ending the Cage Age.

Disney is already 100% cage-free on liquid and shell eggs used in the United States at the Walt Disney World Resorts, Disneyland Resorts and the Disney Cruise Lines, as well as in France at Disneyland Paris (excluding Operating Participants and Licensee locations).

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Egg-laying hens in battery cages on a factory farm

Setting a Good Example

As a globally recognized brand, Disney's cage-free commitment serves as a positive example for other companies operating in the region to step up for laying hens and ensure they are never confined in cruel battery cages. This commitment aligns with the growing consumer demand for cage-free eggs globally and emphasizes the importance of ethical sourcing and responsible business practices in the Asia-Pacific region.

Caroline Philpott-Saunders, Head of Food Business Asia says, "We commend Disney's recent commitment to cage-free eggs in Hong Kong and Shanghai, aligning with the increasing demand for ethical products in the region. As global companies extend their cage-free commitments worldwide, we look forward to continuing to work with Disney to accelerate their transition and explore the potential of global pledge to ensure good welfare for hens around the world."

Julia Johnson smiling at the camera wearing a black Compassion in World Farming t-shirt

In her role as Head of Food Business, Julia Johnson works with major U.S. food businesses, supports strategy development, and manages the production of food business assets, all with the central objective of driving improvements in farm animal welfare and environmental sustainability in our food system. She is particularly interested in regenerative agriculture, transitional farming, and ensuring biodiversity in our ecosystems. She holds a Master of Science in Anthrozoology from Canisius College, a Master of Divinity from Yale University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University.


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