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Published 27.02.17

TGI Fridays Commits to Better Chicken

TGI Fridays announces a policy to improve the genetics and living conditions of chickens by 2024.

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Published 03.02.17

Noodles And Co. Makes Changes for Animals

Noodles and Company reinforces and strengthens continued commitment to animal welfare

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Published 23.01.17

Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare 2016

Today, the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) released its comprehensive annual report on corporate commitment to animal welfare at a stakeholder launch event hosted by global investment corporation Morgan Stanley.

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Published 13.01.17

Chipotle Comes Through For Chickens

Restaurant Chain Partners with CIWF and HSUS to Improve Treatment of Chickens

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Published 20.12.16


Today, Panera—one of the largest restaurant chains in America—released a policy that will dramatically improve the lives of the more than 17 million chickens in its supply chain.

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Published 03.11.16

Compass Commits to Better Chicken

Compass Group USA becomes first food service company to commit to 100% healthier, slower growing chicken by 2024 through a landmark agreement with Global Animal Partnership (GAP). This historic commitment will benefit 60 million chickens every…

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Published 15.09.16

World's Largest Food Service Co. to Go Cage-Free

Compass, the world’s largest food service company, just announced a global commitment to source 100% cage-free eggs by 2025. This new development marks substantial progress for the cage-free movement and benefits millions of laying hens…

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Published 25.07.16

Sodexo Commits to Cage-Free Eggs Worldwide

Sodexo, one the world's largest food service companies, commits to sourcing only cage free eggs worldwide by 2025. This news symbolizes the cage-free movement is now extending globally after sweeping success with US food businesses.

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Published 29.06.16

Compassion Awards Poultry Welfare Progress in the US

As part of Compassion's 2016 Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards, 5 food businesses and 1 certification program in the US were celebrated for their notable work to improve poultry welfare standards.

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Published 26.06.16

Perdue Chicken Commits to Improve Animal Welfare

Perdue becomes the first major chicken company to publish a detailed animal welfare policy.

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