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Press Release Section Icon 9/18/2023

Compassion in World Farming and World Animal Protection, partners in the coalition to end factory farming (END.IT), will host an art installation and animal-free protein food truck during Climate Week to draw attention to the devastating role industrial animal agriculture plays in the climate crisis.

· When: September 19, 11 am - 3 pm
· Where: Washington Square Park

Commissioned by Compassion in World Farming, the art installation, titled “The United States of Meat,” will be a three-dimensional chalk drawing featuring a caricature of Uncle Sam sitting on top of the earth, eating the so-called United States of Meat, urging the government to create a plan to “reduce meat by 82% or the planet will be spent.” Inspiration for the display comes from the findings of the group’s recent report, More Money More Meat, which details how meat consumption needs to be substantially reduced in the United States to stay within healthy planetary boundaries. The drawing will be exhibited all week, weather permitting.

Presented by World Animal Protection, the food truck event, titled “Give a Cluck About Climate,” in partnership with Meati and PLNT Burger, will offer free samples of delicious animal-free bao buns featuring Eat MeatiTM’s Crispy Cutlet, in a compressed natural gas (CNG) truck along with other giveaways, games to play, and the chance to win prizes.

"Just as many governments have enacted energy and fossil fuel reduction targets, the world’s richest countries must commit to meat reduction targets, using a less and better approach, if the planet is to realistically remain below 2 degrees Celsius warming and avoid biodiversity collapse,” said Allison Molinaro, US Campaigns Manager for Compassion in World Farming. “Our report provides the first science-based meat and poultry reduction target for the US—82% by 2050—that officials should incorporate into their climate and sustainability action plans and work toward through legislative and regulatory actions."

Annette Manusevich, Farming Campaign Manager, World Animal Protection said, "In today's world, the growing accessibility of innovative animal-free proteins signals a culinary and environmental revolution. Choosing climate-friendly diets isn't solely a matter of personal preference; it's a vital step toward a more humane, equitable, and just food system where we prioritize the well-being of animals. This shift is necessary to shape a healthier planet and a brighter future for future generations."

For questions, photos, or interviews please contact:
Madison Longenecker
US Public Relations and Engagement Manager, Compassion in World Farming


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