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Statement on Avian Flu in all North American Flyways

Press Release Section Icon 5/5/2022

The following statement regarding the Avian flu now confirmed in all North American flyways may be attributed to Ben Williamson, U.S. Executive Director for Compassion in World Farming USA.

Intensive poultry farms provide the optimum conditions for the spread of bird flu—thousands of birds kept in crowded conditions, indoors in a closed, warm and dusty environment. Chickens in these stressful conditions also have less natural resistance to fight infection. The risk of the spread of bird flu would be greatly reduced by reducing our addiction to factory-farmed meat and keeping chickens in smaller, less crowded groups and using breeds that have a naturally higher resistance to disease.

This is why Compassion USA campaigns peacefully to end all factory farming practices. In service to this mission, we advocate for change that improves the quality of life for farmed animals. This includes advocating for people to reduce the amount of meat and dairy they are consuming, working with food businesses—through reports such as ChickenTrack—to set better standards for animals, and advocating for policy change.

One step at a time, we hope to see a world where all animals, farmers and our planet are treated with compassion. To join our mission and cause, please visit www.ciwf.com.


Statement in response to published article by WATT Global.


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