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News Section Icon Published 2/28/2022

Urgent climate action needed, new report shows

Latest IPCC report shows that diets and farming methods must change urgently to turn the tide on the climate crisis

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News Section Icon Published 2/17/2022

Historic opportunity for animals with UN Resolution

Compassion joins a major global movement asking to investigate how improving animal welfare tackles the environmental crisis.

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News Section Icon Published 2/15/2022

UPDATE: Compassion USA Earns Silver Anthem Award

Compassion in World Farming’s Evaluate Your Plate tool has been awarded a silver medal in the Anthem Award’s Product, Innovation, or Service (Not-For-Profit) category.

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News Section Icon Published 2/10/2022

NJ and HI Continue to Fight for Farmed Animals

After facing setbacks in 2021, the New Jersey and Hawaii legislatures have reintroduced farmed animal welfare bills from last year into the new legislative session.

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News Section Icon Published 1/10/2022

Proposition 12 takes effect in California

On January 1st, 2022, the final phase of California’s Proposition 12 was enacted, freeing millions of hens, breeding pigs, and calves from extreme confinement.

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News Section Icon Published 1/5/2022

DC and Hawai'i approve cage-free eggs for WIC recipients

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Programs for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) of Washington, D.C. and Hawai’i are the latest to approve cage-free eggs for purchase by participants.

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