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News Section Icon Published 2/15/2022

UPDATE: Compassion in World Farming’s Evaluate Your Plate tool has been awarded a silver medal in the Anthem Award’s Product, Innovation, or Service (Not-For-Profit) category 

The Anthem Awards, a subsidiary of the Webby Awards, exists to recognize companies and organizations that have exemplified outstanding mission-driven achievements that spark global change. Compassion USA’s work was chosen as one of 95 finalists out of over 2,500 submissions from 36 countries.  

Compassion USA’s Evaluate Your Plate tool was designed to inspire individuals, companies, and policymakers to pursue food choices that are good for animals, people, and the planet. The two-part tool analyses personal eating habits against six pillars of sustainability—greenhouse gas emissions, nutrient pollution, land use, water use, biodiversity loss, and animal impact—to provide users with a full picture of how their food choices impact the planet. The first part consists of a questionnaire that gives users a personalized sustainability rating based on their eating habits. The second part assesses common American dishes against the six pillars and offers ideas and recipes for more environmentally friendly alternatives. See how your food habits and favorite dishes stack up by trying it out today. 

Compassion USA is honored to be recognized by the Anthem Awards as a leader in igniting systemic change for animals and the environment. For more information on how to take action for people, animals, and the planet, see our action center and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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