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News Section Icon Published 3/7/2023

Snowfox Group, a leading international, multi-channel Japanese food business, is the latest company to commit to improving the welfare of broiler chickens across its global operations.

Snowfox Group has signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) and the European Chicken Commitment (ECC), which aim to guarantee better welfare for chickens produced for meat by providing them with more space and an enriched environment, as well as more robust breeds with better welfare outcomes.

Compassion’s Food Business team has worked directly with Snowfox Group on its recent BCC policy release. The commitment, which is outlined on Snowfox Group's website, also includes, for the first time, detailed reporting for both its United Kingdom and North American operations.

For its North American operations (Bento Sushi and Snowfox JFE), Snowfox Group has reported 11% compliance with stocking density and 17% compliance with enrichments, controlled-atmosphere stunning, and third-party auditing. In the UK, Taiko Foods and YO! are further along, with stocking density at 16% compliant, lighting at 35% compliant, enrichment at 75% compliant, CAS at 83% compliant and verifying practices with third-party auditing at 70%. Additionally, Snowfox Group has also committed to developing a public roadmap by the end of 2023, outlining its plan for full implementation.

This report demonstrates the company's commitment to transparency and accountability in its efforts to improve broiler welfare. Snowfox Group's commitment to these initiatives marks a significant step forward in improving broiler welfare in the food industry. By committing to reporting and developing a public roadmap, Snowfox Group is demonstrating its leadership in improving animal welfare and promoting sustainable practices.

Compassion in World Farming celebrates Snowfox Group’s new animal welfare commitment and praises the company for taking a leadership role in the food and beverage industry.

"We applaud Snowfox Group for its commitment to improving animal welfare and for providing transparency to stakeholders by sharing current supply data," said Gabrielle Reisner. "We hope that other companies in the industry will follow Snowfox Group’s example and prioritize animal welfare in their supply chains."

“Sustainability at Snowfox is about better food for everyone,” says Erica Gale, Group ESG Director, Snowfox Group. “For us, this means food that is low impact on the environment and a socially inclusive approach to business, built upon a culture of trust.

“We recognize our responsibility to provide products that are kind to both planet and people, now and into the future. The guidance and partnership of Compassion in World Farming has been integral in navigating our approach to meeting the Better Chicken Commitment across our portfolio of companies. We look forward to working with them in other areas related to animal welfare.”

Food companies that are interested in improving animal welfare in their supply chains should reach out to Compassion in World Farming’s Food Business team at FoodBusinessUS@ciwf.org.


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