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Compassion USA appears on The Bustle Huddle podcast

News Section Icon Published 10/24/2018

Need a podcast for your workday commute? We've got you covered!

Our Executive Director, Rachel Dreskin, just appeared on The Bustle Huddle to talk all about the intricacies of laying hen welfare and food labels in egg production—and more! 

What's the difference between cage-free and free-range? Do claims like "hormone-free" really mean anything? What animal welfare labels should you look for at the store?

Tune in to find out—you don't want to miss it.

Be sure download our food guide for more information on which food labels to look for! 

What else can you do? If you live in California, make sure to vote #YesOn12 to get the most impactful farm animal protection law on the books! A vote for Prop 12 will improve the lives of millions of chickens by banning the sale of eggs and egg products from laying hens raised in cramped battery cages.


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