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Free-range is better for welfare

News Section Icon Published 11/13/2013

It has been reported today (13.11.13) by The Times and the Daily Mail that hens kept in ‘furnished’ or ‘colony’ cages have a better standard of welfare than free-range hens.

The welfare potential of these cages will never be as high as free range systems.

Compassion believes that laying hens should be able to perform all of their natural behaviors, including stretching and flapping their wings, perching up high, foraging, scratching, dust bathing and laying their eggs in a comfortable nest. Only free-range and organic systems can provide fully for all of these behaviors.

Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion said: “An enriched cage offers small improvements on the old battery cage but fails to provide for important natural behaviors. A cage is still a cage.”

“I urge consumers to buy free-range or organic eggs in order to give hens a better quality of life.”

Our Good Egg Award winners M&S, Waitrose and the Co-op have recognized that free-range eggs provide the higher welfare standards that their customers demand.


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