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Good news for pigs in the US

News Section Icon Published 7/17/2012

There is promising news for pigs in the US. It has recently been announced in a joint statement with HSUS, that Sodexo, a huge provider in the States, will be working with its pork suppliers to phase out the use of sow stalls.

Sow stalls or ‘gestation crates’ as they are known in America, are metal-barred stalls that are so narrow, the sow can’t turn around. She is kept in this inhumane manner from one pregnancy to the next.

Dil Peeling, Director of Public Affairs at Compassion, says: “Sow stalls are inhumane and unnecessary contraptions used to keep sows in confined conditions throughout their pregnancies and therefore for most of their lives.

“With the partial ban coming in, in the EU from 2013, I am heartened to hear that key providers in the US are following suit. Such a huge commitment to animal welfare and on such a large scale is promising and bodes well for others to follow suit.

2022 is the deadline that has been put forward by Sodexo, with an earlier date of 2017 for ‘actionable plans’ to be put in place by their suppliers, detailing how they will manage this.

In Europe, Compassion’s Food Business Team is launching its Good Pig Award. The Good Pig Award will reward organizations that are taking steps to improve the welfare for sows and meat pigs.


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