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Dancing cows are world stars

News Section Icon Published 5/15/2012

Our dancing cows have become superstars, with over one million YouTube hits to their name in just eight weeks.

In March we filmed dairy cows being let out to pasture after a winter spent indoors to shelter them from the harsh weather and as it is outside the grass growing season.

Their delight at their new found freedom was infectious and their jumping and sprinting around, which looked very much like a jig of joy, was featured on the Huffington Post and MSNBC among other international news outlets.

They even made it to Japan, where they were featured on a weekly TV program.

Now more than one million people have shared in their delight. It is such a fun clip to watch that we don’t expect the viewing figures to stop there.

Cows belong in fields. Don’t believe us? Judge for yourself.

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