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News Icon 9/30/2022

World Day for Farmed Animals is Sunday, October 2, 2022. We are celebrating wins for animals from around the world since we last celebrated this day one year ago.

See below for a list of wins made possible by generous animal advocates and Compassion in World Farming supporters like you:

  • Europe’s leading egg producer, Gruppo Eurovo, pledged to become 100% cage-free
  • Animals in the UK were legally recognized as sentient beings
  • Latvia, Malta and Ireland banned fur farming
  • The EU’s official scientific body (EFSA) called for mother pigs to be free from cages
  • Arizona became the tenth state to ban cages for hens
  • Amsterdam markets stopped selling live crabs and lobsters
  • And the Dutch Parliament voted to stop them from being boiled alive
  • Taiwan banned cages for new duck farms
  • Denmark did the same for laying hens
  • Germany and Italy both took action to ban the culling of male chicks
  • Congress introduced a bill to support plant-based meal options in schools
  • Over 60 companies are now working with Compassion in World Farming’s food business team to improve chicken welfare standards
  • San Francisco stopped the construction of new factory farms
  • The EU Parliament voted in support of a draft law that would ban imports linked to deforestation
  • Spain made CCTV compulsory in all slaughterhouses
  • 100% of the fresh chicken sold by M&S in the UK is now higher welfare
  • The UN Environmental Assembly adopted a resolution recognizing the links between animal welfare and environmental crises and environmental and animal protection were included in the Italian Constitution
  • The Dutch Government announced a plan to cut nitrogen emissions which could significantly reduce the numbers of animals being farmed.
  • Over 138 million animals are set to benefit each year from Compassion in World Farming’s 2022 Good Farm Animal Welfare Award winners

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has advocated for these changes for farmed animals. Today, in honor of World Day for Farmed Animals, you can take your advocacy one step forward with a donation that will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000!

Help us create more wins like these and give animals the respect and care they deserve.


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