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News Icon 11/15/2021

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, no matter what you’re eating for dinner, we’ve all got turkey on the brain. Since ‘tis the season, we thought it was a good time to appreciate some of the lesser-known attributes of our feathered friends and test your turkey trivia! Play along with us and see if you can spot the fact or fowl!  


1. What does the Greek word for turkey actually mean?  

A.) Brazil Parrot  

B.) Russian Chicken  

C.) French Bird 


If you said C.) French Bird, you are correct! 

In America, it’s called a turkey. In Greece, it’s a “French bird.” In France, it’s a “chicken from India.” In India, it’s a “Peru.” It seems we can’t come to a consensus on this continental concept!

flock of brown and white turkeys pecking the floor

2. How far can the sound of a turkey gobble travel? (try saying that 5x fast!)

A.)  10 miles 

B.)  1 mile 

C.) 4 miles  


The answer is B.) 1 mile!

Turkey gobbles can be heard a little over a mile away by the human ear. Each male even has his own unique gobbling technique.

close up shot of turkey face wit large black eyes

3. How much bigger than a chicken egg is an egg from a turkey?

A.)  50% bigger 

B.)  200% bigger 

c.)   20% bigger 


If you picked A.) 50% bigger, you’re right!

One reason turkey eggs never took off as a popular food is turkey mothers are very protective, making egg collection way too challenging. Can you blame them for being a bit possessive over these cheeky chicks?

Two fluffy beige turkey chicks

4. How fast can a turkey run? 

A.) 25 mph  

B.) 6 mph 

C.) 50 mph 


The answer is A.) 25 mph! 

That’s only two miles slower than the fastest human (27 mph). And contrary to popular belief, turkeys can fly short distancesin fact, they can hit 55 mph during flight.

Turkey Butt

5. Who wanted the turkey to be chosen as the U.S. national emblem?  

A.) Thomas Jefferson 

B.) Alexander Hamilton 

C.) Benjamin Franklin 


If you said C.) Benjamin Franklin, we have a winner, winner, Tofurky dinner!

Benjamin Franklin wished the turkey was chosen as the national emblem, calling the bald eagle “a bird of bad moral character.” Yeah, we hang with a tough flock.

Turkey flying over U.S. Capitol building

6. What is the skin on a male turkey’s beak called? 

A.) Sniffer 

B.) Gobbler 

C.) Snood 


The answer is C.) Snood! 

The long flap of skin over a male’s beak is called a snood, and it changes color depending on his mood. Like a built-in mood ring! But don’t stare, it’s snood! 

Close up picture of a turkey with a red face and snood

7. What is one indicator of gender in a turkey? 

A.) The color of their feet 

B.) The size of their eyes 

C.) The shape of their droppings 


If you said C.) The shape of their droppings, you’re correct! 

Turkey droppings indicate gender. Males produce spiral-shaped poo, while the females’ are shaped like the letter J.

four turkeys in brown and white standing in a field

8. What does “furcula,” the proper name for wishbone, mean?

A.) Little Ladder 

B.) Little Shovel 

C.) Little Fork 


The answer is C.) Little Fork! 

The wishbone is actually called "furcula," meaning “little fork.” The T-Rex and Velociraptor had one, too!

split screen with a T-Rex on left and a surprised turkey on right

9. Which dish was added to the feast after the first “Thanksgiving”? 

A.) Turkey  

B.) Stuffing  

C.) Cranberry Sauce 


If you said A.) Turkey, you’re in the zone! 

The author of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” Sarah Josepha Hale, is responsible for making Thanksgiving a national holiday, with turkey as the traditional main dish. The first Thanksgiving celebration did not, in fact, include turkey.

Plant-based thanksgiving feast on a set table
Credit: Carrots and Flowers

10. What color are most domesticated turkeys? 

A.) White 

B.) Brown 

C.) Black  


The answer is A.) White! 

Most domesticated turkeys have been bred to have white feathers, because they don’t show spots under the skin when plucked. 

Close up of white turkey with red face

11. Which of these hidden talents do turkeys have? 

A.) They can sing 

B.) They can make art  

C.) They can swim 


If you said C.) they can swim, you’re doing swimmingly! 

When they need to, Turkeys can swim by tucking their wings in close, spreading their tails, and kicking. 

Flock of turkeys outside near tree

12. Young male turkeys are called:

A.) Jakes

B.) Joes

C.) Jasons

D.) Tims


If you said A.) Jakes, go ahead and shake your tail feathers! 

Juvenile males are called jakes, and juvenile females are called jennies!

Saxophone players in a parade

13. In what year did the "Tom Turkey" float debut in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

A.) 1982

B.) 1973

C.) 1960

D.) 1989


If you said B.) 1973, you're the star of the show!

Tom Turkey is the oldest, most recurring float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!


So how did you do? Did you ace the game with your Turkey Trivia or did you gobble under the pressure? Put your family to the test at your Thanksgiving table and see just how familiar with this fowl you are!

Also check out Thanksgiving 2021: Bring Compassion to the Feast, our holiday handbook! Learn how to plant-ify your favorite dishes, and where you can find more humane, sustainable turkeys and turkey alternatives this year! 


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