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Statement on New McDonald's Policy

News Icon 10/27/2017

Today, McDonald’s released an underwhelming broiler welfare policy—a policy that, in some instances, only commits to follow minimum legal requirements.

In contrast, competitors like Subway, Burger King, and—just announced today—Kraft Heinz have responded to consumer concerns and scientific consensus by publishing broiler welfare policies that meaningfully improve the lives of chickens. These improvements include, importantly, the use of breeds that do not suffer as a result of rapid growth, as well as giving birds more space.

McDonald’s does not address either of these critical concerns in their recent policy. Ample scientific evidence supports the need for these improvements, which is why over 50 companies to date have committed to making changes.

By almost every measure, McDonald’s policy on chicken welfare falls way below the mark.

It’s only a matter of time before customers ask why McDonald’s isn’t stepping up for chickens when their competitors have taken meaningful steps in the right direction. The trends are clear: Animal welfare is a priority for the EU and North American public. Ignoring this market shift is a dangerous route for any business’s bottom line.

Compassion in World Farming will continue to encourage McDonald's to match or surpass their competitors’ commitments to improve the lives of chickens.

Leah Garces
US Executive Director
Compassion in World Farming


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