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News Section Icon Published 8/10/2021

Compassion in World Farming response in reference to the sixth report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report, published August 9th 2021


Climate disaster is imminent without investment in reduction of meat and dairy consumption.


New York, NY— “The IPCC report, published today, warns that urgent, far-reaching steps are essential if we are to avert climate catastrophe. It states that the world must deliver strong, rapid and sustained reductions in methane in order to tackle the climate crisis.


“Methane is produced by ruminants - cattle and sheep – so a rapid reduction in global consumption of beef, lamb, milk and dairy products is needed. In particular we must end the keeping of cattle in feedlots where they not only emit methane but are fed on cereals and soy. We must also end the emissions caused by the use of fertilizers to grow crops for animal feed. In addition, we must end deforestation in the Amazon where large amounts of soy is produced to feed animals, such as pigs and chickens, in factory farms all over the world.


“In short, we must vastly reduce consumption of meat and dairy with most meat and milk coming from cattle raised on well-managed pastures where substantial amounts of carbon can be sequestered. This will help to offset the substantial methane emissions.”


-Ben Williamson, U.S. Director, Compassion in World Farming


About Compassion in World Farming

Founded in 1967 by a British dairy farmer, Compassion in World Farming works closely with companies, policy makers, and the public to drive large-scale and meaningful improvements for farmed animals. Compassion in World Farming is the world’s leading farm animal welfare organization, promoting a shift towards regenerative and sustainable agriculture for humans, animals and the planet. 

 Media Contact: Ben Williamson at ben.williamson@ciwf.org


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