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News Icon 5/12/2022

Education doesn’t begin in the classroom, it begins in the cafeteria

Before students can succeed in school and beyond, they must first learn how to take care of themselves and their environment in a way that facilitates future success. And that starts with their food.

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News Icon 5/5/2022

Planet-Warming Emissions Spotted From Space

The emissions detected by environmental data company GHGSat's high-resolution satellites in February are a clear example of why immediate action must be taken to control the emissions produced by the food and agriculture sectors.

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News Icon 5/5/2022

US Egg Factory Euthanizes Millions of Birds

What has happened at the world's largest egg factory plant in Rembrandt, Iowa, is an example of how the future of humanity is at stake. We simply cannot allow factory farming to continue ruining the health, well-being, food security, and…

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