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News Icon 2/1/2019

Happy Super Bowl Season!

For many in the United States, the Super Bowl is more like a holiday than a sporting event. With so much excitement and anticipation after months of watching (and possibly crying over) our favorite team finally culminating in a great game, spectacular halftime show, and parade of hit-and-miss commercials.

But most importantly: it’s really about the snacks.

Your viewing party is sure to be penalized if you haven’t perfectly strategized your starting snack lineup. And since you’ve committed to cutting back on meat, dairy, and eggs, chicken wings are likely off the table. (Did you know Americans eat enough chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday to circle the Earth 3 times? The chickens thank you for saying no to factory farms.)

So in light of all that, we’re here to coach you through some creative ideas to prevent your hungry guests from throwing a flag on the play. Ready? Hut Hut, SNACK!


Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Buffalo-cauliflower-wings-gluten-free-2 SWEET SIMPLE VEGAN.jpg
Credit: Sweet Simple Vegan

We're getting this one out of the way right from the start! Not only was buffalo cauliflower one of the trendiest foods of 2018—but it's also delicious. With these, your guests won't even remember what chicken wings are! Recipe.


Prepared Plant-Based Meat

fruffalo wings @COLLARDCOWGIRL.jpg
Credit: @collardcowgirl

If you want to lighten your workload, pick up some pre-made options from the grocery store! Both Field Roast and Morning Star make plant-based wings, breathing new life into the sports bar favorite. (Plus, Field Roast also makes plant-based corn dogs—yum!)


Spinach Artichoke Dip

spinach artichoke FORKS OVER KNIVES.jpg
Credit: Forks Over Knives

Dips take center stage at social gatherings (or at least they should). Satisfy everyone with this creamy, salty, delicious recipe! Pro-tip: add some toasted breadcrumbs on top to add a little something extra.


Jalapeno Popper Mac and Cheese

Jalapeno mac and cheese 2.jpg
Credit: Choosing Chia

We know we already told you about this recipe, but here it is again just in case you missed it last time. It's too perfect for Game Day not to share again!


Vegetable Platter

veggie platter ITS A VEG WORLD AFTER ALL.jpg
Credit: It's A Veg World After All

These platters are easy to make and a great way to bring some healthy options to the table! (Not that we think that's necessary—it is the Super Bowl, after all.) But that doesn't mean you shouldn't think about how to make one like a pro! Or keep it simple and grab a pre-made platter from Trader Joe's that comes with plant-based ranch.



Doritos THILLIST.jpg
Credit: Thrillist

Speaking of keeping it simple, you have to have plenty of different pre-packaged munchies to keep everyone happy. Luckily there are plenty of tasty plant-based options like: Sweet Spicy Chili Doritos, Chex Mix, or Barbecue Lays. (Pick up some Blaze Doritos for those that like a KICK!)


7-Layer Mexican Dip

7 layer dip MINIMALIST BAKER.jpg
Credit: Minimalist Baker

Dips on dips on dips on dips! We love dips. Recipe!



The-Best-Damn-Vegan-Nachos MINIMALIST BAKER.jpg
Credit: Minimalist Baker

A sports classic that needs no further explanation, really. Who doesn't love nachos? Recipe.



Guacamole ALLRECIPES.jpg
Credit: Allrecipes

If you have nachos, you need guac. For this all-around crowd-pleaser, it's easy enough to find a ready-made version at the store. For those that would rather make it at home, here's a simple recipe


BBQ Jackfruit Sliders

BBQ Jackfruit Sliders TASTY.jpg
Credit: Tasty

In the mood to get really creative? Break these out at half-time to go full-on showstopper! Recipe


Buffalo "Chicken" Dip

Credit: FromMyBowl

In case you have no interest in wings but still want that buffalo goodness, check out this sensational buffalo "chicken" dip recipe! There are a variety of buffalo dip recipes out there that use cauliflower, chickpeas, or jackfuit—so don't be afraid to make a few. 


With these plant-based options on your roster, you're ready for the big league! Send us photos of your plant-based spread by using #EatPlantsForAChange and tagging us @CompassionUSA on social media!

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