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News Section Icon Published 11/23/2021

Today, Animal Charity Evaluators announced that Compassion in World Farming USA has been named a Standout Charity for the fifth consecutive year. 

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This prestigious recognition was awarded to 16 charities across the globe that work to protect farmed or wild animals. The ratings are based on each organization's efficacy and ability to make the most positive impact with additional funding. Compassion’s unique approach to animal welfare has enabled us to work directly alongside businesses, restaurants, and retailers to guide them toward higher welfare systems and more diversified plant-based protein options. In the past year alone, we established the Broiler Working Group comprised of 7 major retailers, exposed the horrors of salmon farming with the largest investigation of its kind and collected nearly 130,000 signatures calling for higher salmon welfare, and released our 5th annual EggTrack Report which evaluated 219 companies on their cage-free commitments. 

We are thrilled to share this news with our supporters as we enter the season of giving. Only 3% of all charitable donations in the United States go toward supporting animal welfare and the environment, and we could not be happier say that every dollar we receive makes a positive impact on the lives of farmed animals. Compassion USA relies solely on donations from philanthropic groups and individuals like you to carry out our mission, and we are grateful for all of you who have joined us in making the world a better place.  


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