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News Section Icon Published 12/11/2018

Big news from Capitol Hill: After months of drawn-out deliberation, Congress has finally reached a deal on the Farm Bill—a large package of reforms that, until now, had included the dangerous King Amendment.

But thanks to you and everyone who raised their voice in opposition to this harmful legislation, the final version of the Farm Bill is ready to go—and the King Amendment is not included!

To recap: The King Amendment, proposed and then revived by Rep. Steve King (R-IA), would have rolled back years of hard-fought progress on farmed animal welfare, effectively overriding critical state and local-level protections—including the newly-passed Proposition 12 in California, which bans the use of cruel confinement techniques and the sale of products from operations that use them.

With the stroke of a pen, all the hard work of thousands of volunteers and animal advocates—and the will of millions of voters—could have been undone.

Because you spoke up in large numbers and told your senators and representatives to step up for what's right, millions of animals will now live better lives—and companies that operate in states with stronger farmed animal protection laws won’t be given a free pass to backslide into the worst-of-the-worst factory farming practices.

Some wonderful news to carry with us as we close out the year!

Thank you for being a hero and a voice for animals in this critical time. And if you’d like to spread some holiday cheer today:

  1. Share this news with friends and family!
  2. Sign our other urgent petitions, if you haven’t already:
    1. Tell the White House we don’t want faster factory farming, and to reconsider their new policy that allows faster slaughter speeds.
    2. Tell the FDA to protect consumer choice by ensuring a fair marketplace for plant-based dairy products.
    3. Tell the USDA to protect our health and stop supporting the reckless overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture.
  3. Take the Compassion Challenge and double your impact for animals.

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