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Compassion USA appears on What Doesn't Kill You podcast

News Section Icon Published 11/27/2018

Ever wondered what our corporate engagement work looks like? What do food businesses consider most when making major animal welfare commitments? Today, we bring you some answers!

Our US Executive Director, Rachel Dreskin, sat down with Sara Burnett, Director of Wellness and Food Policy at Panera Bread, and Katy Keiffer of Heritage Radio Network on the What Doesn't Kill You podcast to answer these questions, and many more!

Tune in to hear about all the moving parts needed to shift a supply chain to higher welfare, what tools Compassion leverages to help with that transition, and how Panera Bread is making big changes for farmed animals!

Want to know more about our Food Business program? Check out our Food Business website for more information! 

Why all the talk about chicken welfare? Find out about the 9 billion birds that suffer on factory farms every year in the United States.


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