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Farmageddon warns of impending food crisis

News Section Icon Published 4/1/2014

Farmageddon, a book written by Compassion in World Farming’s CEO Philip Lymbery with political journalist Isabel Oakeshott, is out today.

The book, published by Bloomsbury, exposes the myths surrounding factory farming and warns of a new wave of intensification that could take the countryside and the health of our food to breaking point.

Philip says:

In an attempt to feed the world we are in danger of sleepwalking into Farmageddon. Another wave of industrialization is looming and would bring with it a deeply diminished countryside, surging disease, unhealthy food, and growing world hunger.

Through Farmageddon, I’m exposing the true cost of cheap meat and calling for urgent action to save the countryside and ensure a future based on decent, nutritious food for all.

Debunking the myths

Those pushing for further intensification often justify it on the grounds we need it to provide food for the poor and to feed the world. Farmageddon debunks these myths.

It begs the question: is it right to expect people on lower incomes to feed bad, unhealthy food to their children? It asks: do we want a decimated countryside devoid of birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife? It questions whether factory farming is the right way to feed the world.

Philip adds:

It doesn’t have to be like this, everyone can be part of the solution. Governments can help improve the health of their nation and safeguard future food supplies by supporting food production that puts animals back on the farm instead of in factories.

Consumers can make a difference three times a day by buying products from animals that are pasture-reared, free range or organic.

Find out more

Farmageddon will be available from today (April 1, 2014) on Amazon and other booksellers.


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