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Published 15.01.14

The right direction for mother pigs

Food businesses in the USA are starting to show steady progress toward eliminating inhumane crates from their supply chains.

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Published 10.01.14

2013 a victorious year defeating Ag-Gag

2013 was a victorious year for defeating Ag-Gag proposal. In 2014, however, the fight for the right to expose the reality for farm animals inside a factory farming continues.

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Published 09.12.13

Food businesses not addressing farm animal welfare

Benchmark report reveals companies neglecting to manage farm animal welfare issues.

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Published 26.11.13

GM salmon eggs approved by Canada

Compassion disappointed by the decision of the Canadian government to approve the commercial production of GM salmon eggs.

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Published 13.11.13

Free-range is better for welfare

Reports that hens kept in ‘furnished’ or ‘colony’ cages have a better standard of welfare than free-range hens

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Published 31.10.13

Award winners announced

Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards celebrate food companies leading the way for higher animal welfare

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Published 21.05.13

Compassion in the USA

Compassion in World Farming brings food program to U.S.

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Published 17.07.12

Good news for pigs in the US

Sow stalls are to be phased out in a leading provider’s supply chain.

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Published 22.06.12

Chilean pigs disaster update

Lack of co-operation from those involved in the 500,000 Chilean pig crisis is frustrating, but Compassion continues to seek the truth.

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Published 13.06.12

It is Pastured Poultry Week in Georgia!

Compassion’s US Director Leah Garces is leading the way in the States with Georgians for Pastured Poultry.

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