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News Section Icon Published 11/1/2019

Kicking Down Doors for Animals: Compassion USA on Food Heroes Podcast

Rachel Dreskin, Executive Director of Compassion USA, spoke with Katie Jones of the Food Heroes Podcast all about how kicking down doors and working with multinational food corporations leads in meaningful change for farmed animals.

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News Section Icon Published 10/31/2019

An Update to our Better Chicken Commitment

As of today, we're making an important update to our Better Chicken Commitment to ensure change for chickens is meaningful, achievable, and based on sound science.

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News Section Icon Published 10/10/2019

Our Statement on the New USDA Swine Slaughter Rules

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service recently released new rules for pig slaughter... and we're concerned. These rules are dangerous for animals, workers, and food safety alike. Here's why.

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News Section Icon Published 9/24/2019

Who’s Leading the Flock? 2019 EggTrack has Arrived!

The 2019 EggTrack Report is here! Find out which food businesses are leading the flock to eliminate cages—and who's lagging behind...

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News Section Icon Published 9/3/2019

New Book Chronicles Bold Beginning of Compassion USA

GRILLED: Turning Adversaries to Allies to Change the Chicken Industry, by previous Executive Director of Compassion USA Leah Garcés, is a powerful retelling of a life of animal advocacy and the roots of Compassion USA—and it just hit shelves…

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News Section Icon Published 8/14/2019

Aramark Expands Broiler Chicken Commitment

Food service giant Aramark extends chicken welfare commitment to their European supply chain.

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News Section Icon Published 8/12/2019

VICTORY: Oregon Goes Cage-Free

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed in a new law on last Friday which bans the use of cruel cage confinement for egg-laying hens, as well as the sale of eggs and egg products from out-of-state productions that fail to comply.

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News Section Icon Published 8/9/2019

The World Needs To Eat More Plants, Says New UN Report

A new special report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change details the urgent need to reconstruct global agriculture, including transitioning to more compassionate, sustainable diets.

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News Section Icon Published 7/24/2019

Victory: Barilla Meets Global 100% Cage-Free Commitment

Manufacturer Barilla Group, a pasta staple in many US homes, has completed it's global transition to a cage-free egg supply a whole year ahead of their 2020 commitment!

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News Section Icon Published 7/12/2019

KFC Steps Up for Chickens in Europe

Fast food giant KFC makes commitment to introduce meaningful improvements in the lives of chickens.

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