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News Section Icon Published 11/21/2019

BREAKING: Michigan bans cruel battery cages & more!

Michigan signed into law today the latest cage-free legislation in the US! The new law bans the use of cruel cage confinement for egg-laying hens and much more...

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News Section Icon Published 11/1/2019

VICTORY: NYC Bans the Sale of Force-Fed Foie Gras!

This past Wednesday, New York City Council voted 42 to 6 to ban the sale of cruel, force-fed foie gras in a historic win for ducks and geese!

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News Section Icon Published 11/1/2019

Kicking Down Doors for Animals: Compassion USA on Food Heroes Podcast

Rachel Dreskin, Executive Director of Compassion USA, spoke with Katie Jones of the Food Heroes Podcast all about how kicking down doors and working with multinational food corporations leads in meaningful change for farmed animals.

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