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Statement on USDA's "food system must change" narrative

Press Release Section Icon 6/10/2022

The following statement regarding the USDA's "food system must change" narrative may be attributed to Ben Williamson, U.S. Executive Director for Compassion in World Farming USA.

It is encouraging to see this slight shift in narrative and funding from the United States Department of Agriculture toward uplifting small and mid-size farmers and transitioning to more ecologically sound practices. Decentralization is a key step toward ending factory farming and exploiting animals, growers, the environment and communities. We hope the USDA will expand on this effort by funding transitions to free-range and pasture-raised systems, which provide higher welfare for animals, improves food system resilience, and increases the quantity and quality of jobs for rural communities.

At Compassion in World Farming, there has never been a more pivotal moment in the movement to help end factory farming and build a more compassionate and sustainable food system. Only our supporters and policymakers can help us secure a better food future for animals, people and the planet. You can find ways to get involved at ciwf.com.


Statement in response to an article written by Hoard’s Dairyman.


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