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Statement on Inhumane Slaughter on US Egg Factory Farm in Iowa

Press Release Section Icon 5/5/2022

The following statement regarding the inhumane slaughter on U.S. egg factory farm in Iowa may be attributed to Ben Williamson, U.S. Executive Director for Compassion in World Farming USA.

Intensive animal farming is the single biggest cause of animal cruelty on the planet, affecting 80 billion farmed animals every year. It also provides what appears to be cheap food, based on the concept of cheap labor, but there's a huge hidden cost to people, animals and the planet.

What has happened at the world's largest egg factory plant in Rembrandt, Iowa, is an example of how the future of humanity is at stake. We simply cannot allow factory farming to continue ruining the health, well-being, food security, and livelihoods of people and animals across the globe. As well as causing more greenhouse gas emissions than the exhausts of all the planes, trains and cars in the world, factory farming is causing a major global public health crisis through the overuse of antibiotics in farmed animals, leading to antibiotic resistance in people.

The depopulation methods outlined in this article are totally unacceptable and would have caused untold distress and suffering. Ventilation Shutdown Plus causes birds to die slowly of suffocation or organ failure, as airflow comes to a standstill due to overheating. The current avian influenza pandemic has already caused immense misery to birds and does not need to be exacerbated by this barbaric method of euthanasia. More humane practices exist, such as introducing CO2 gas, as recommended by the international standards set by the World Organization for Animal Health.

Compassion in World Farming is a global movement dedicated to ending factoring farming and reducing our reliance on meat and dairy before it's too late. We advocate for change that improves the quality of life for farmed animals and sees a shift to more sustainable, regenerative farming and sustainable food systems. This includes raising awareness of the need to reduce global meat and dairy consumption, working with food businesses to set higher animal welfare standards, and calling for a global agreement to transform our global food systems so that they work for animals, people and the planet.

One step at a time, we hope to see a world where all animals, farmers and our planet are treated with compassion. To join our mission and cause, please visit www.ciwf.com.


Statement in response to article written by The Guardian.


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